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  • Robert M. Gates Leadership Summary

    In the book, “Duty, Memoirs of a Secretary of State”, former Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates describes his experiences as Secretary of State while serving for two Presidential Administrations from 2006-2011. This Paper will analyze former Secretary of Defense, Robert M. Gates, as a strategic leader in two specific areas: his ability to build consensus and unite the Military and Congress with a unifying strategic approach to the war in Iraq during his first year (2006-2007) under President George H. Bush and his approach to rebuilding the 2010 defense budget under President Obama. I contend that Sec. Gates was an influential strategic leader who demonstrated five dimensions of meta-leadership because he built established trust among…

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  • Dialogue Essay: A Short Story

    done. You must enter the city on your own.” “Understood,” Riasean said as he yawned. The Royal Guards turned and rode south. “First, let’s read what Alric has to say,” Larah said. She pulled the letter with the sunburst on it from her tunic and tore it open. The writing was flowing, but concise: When you get to the New Moon gate in the Black Tower, hold up the Moonstone and say the passphrase to open the gate – Gate of Shadows, Open to me, Let one enter, To where no one can see. When you wish to…

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  • Keledrin: A Fictional Narrative

    Prologue The castle gate loomed in the distance. Keledrin stooped, barely strong enough to stand, peered through blood crusted eyes at the two figures who had left the gate. The dust of the of the uncultivated ground, was steadily aroused by their foot falls. One was carrying something in his hand which looked to Keledrin like an incense vessel suspended by chains ready to be swing into the open air to imbue the surroundings with a sweet scent. Keledrin though, knew better. There would be no…

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  • Analysis Of King Khosrow And Queen Shirin In The Garden Court

    flowers intertwined like branches or vines. The presence of the fountain and the garden lead to the apt observation that the setting is indeed, that of a garden. Obscured from one’s view, behind the gates which separate the stage and the verdant background, is a man reclining on the grass rather blithely, looking upwards. Last but not least, two men stand in front of a second set of gates in the foreground, hunched over and seemingly haggard, but sincerely serving their duties as guards.…

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  • Chupacabra Research Paper

    the participants and communicate with you. You will see, know and understand this creature as your magical ally and it will become your familiar if you so choose. C) After feasting on the goats and making contact with the Chupacabra/Mi-go we will banish with laughter. Quick run down, open the gates, tie up the goats and charge them with goat god form energies, group invocation of Chupacabra/Mi-go, feeding time, once feed then its time to make the personal connection to Chupacabra/Mi-go and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The City Of Memphis, Tennessee

    Though the thought of going to this place made me extremely uneasy. Second, I packed up my gear and got in the truck with him. Formerly, on a daily basis, Drew and I go out in the county and set traps to catch mosquitos, eventually, to find areas with mosquitos positive with West Nile disease, meanwhile, I never would have thought we would go to a place like this though. When we arrived at the voodoo village, as we got closer to Mary Angela road, my nerves became more and more uneasy. The…

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  • Brother Leon Birdd

    In 1995, Brother Leon and a man named Robert Shuemake woke up one early Saturday, with five gallons of coffee and a few dozens of donuts and headed down to downtown Dallas to love and care for those who lived on the streets. The morning was very slow and they met only a few people. However, the experience that the gained that morning made them strive to do more for the homeless community of Downtown Dallas. That is exactly what they did, the two men started a church called S.O.U.L Church.…

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  • Fraternity On The Frontlines: Fictive Kinship And The Great War Analysis

    go on to craft. Secondly, Winter’s fictive kinship is largely the product of practices of mourning and remembrance, through which “the story of their war, in its local, particular, parochial, familiar forms can be told and retold” (40). My own conception of the term concerns a social coming together of men, primarily to endure the ordeal at hand: it is only with each individual writer’s removal from combat that the evidence of this bond appears in active literary efforts for the purposes of…

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  • Warren Buffett's Leadership Style

    candidates who are resonating with frustrated voters; most prominently Mr. Trump on the right and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on the left” (Haq 1). It is time that a real candidate stepped forward and took the reigns. Warren Buffet has accumulated a net worth of over sixty billion dollars over the eighty-five years he has been alive. He is listed on Forbes Magazine as one of the top ten richest men in the world. Known as the “Oracle of Omaha” he is one of the greatest leaders in the business…

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  • Bill Gates Accomplishments

    Bill Gates is a very wealthy man; although he did not finish college, he still had a goal and did everything to obtain that goal. His family was very wealthy and paid for his schooling, so he had a lot of money to back him up. Gates and his wife are also very charitable people giving millions of dollars to organizations of their choosing. Bill Gates is one of the most influential men in many people’s lives today because of his achievements. Bill Gates was born in 1954 when no one in the world…

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