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  • Plastic Oceans: How Plastic Enter The World

    In the video, Plastic Oceans it mentioned facts about water that I was surprised about. For example, microplastics can be mistaken for fish by the sea water chicks, the plastics then stay in their body, and the birds don't know any better, so they keep eating the microplastics. The microplastics add up over time and eventually kill them. Not many chicks make it to adulthood because of the pollution. Water pollution is not only affecting birds. About 3.5 million pieces of new plastic enter the…

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  • Airport Development Essay

    design, construction, planning etc. SAM is often seen as a guidebook by several other airports around the world to build and operate environment friendly airport. SAM in case of O’Hare incorporates keeping construction waste out of landfills, soil reuse, install green roofs etc. The major points covered by SAM is as follows: 1. Restoration of Wetlands Restoration of wastelands in Chicago is very important as it will improve water quality, create a habitat for wildlife and reducing the emission…

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  • Impact Of Technology On Graphic Design

    Technology Paragraph Technology has both a positive and a negative impact on the graphic design business. It gives the designer the ability to work for a business without actually meeting the client. Causing a lack of motivation for the designer. A designer can use shortcuts and the client will not know because they haven’t met in person. This change in designer-client relationship is brought on by advancing technology. As technology advances, customer’s expectations also grow. “As viewers…

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  • Neighbors May Finally Get Their Way Case Study

    civic groups and campaigns have launched multiple campaigns to restore and reuse the hospital buildings in an attempt to revitalize the surrounding area with affordable housing contained within the hospital buildings. One specific group, Neighborhood Women, led by Jen Peterson, a woman from the community who has united the supporters out of a vision of the common goal of development, has been at the forefront of the fight to reuse the buildings. This group has…

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  • Science Fair Fun Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    six characteristics. Summary of the Booklet The booklet, published by United States Environmental Protection Agency in December 2000, is for teachers and students in grade 6 to 8 trying to conduct an environmental science project based on reduce, reuse, and recycle (3R). The booklet starts with general note for the primary audiences, stated above, introducing them to the purpose, guidelines and limitation of this booklet. Then, the table of contents is followed by a “Getting Started” page…

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  • Crisco Research Paper

    Crisco was a product that offer the possibility of not burning. It did not catch on fire in high heat condition. It can probably reuse it if you need to or want to. Unlike butter, Crisco can’t go back as butter because it is last a long time. It is a scientific created product known as hydrogenated oil that part of new revolution of chemical engineering in 1800’s and early 1900’s. There are bunch of things that make Crisco superior the butter and people use Crisco for frying chicken and making…

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  • Comparison Of NASA And Ice Hockey

    With SpaceX, Elon Musk plans on landing a Dragon capsule on Mars by 2018. He also is strongly working on civilian travel to space for transport and recreational reasons. With the accomplishment of SpaceX landing the 1st stage rocket on a barge for reuse have opened up more possibilities by not only technology and ability, but also in cost savings. NASA’s drive is to land a rover on Mars…

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  • E-Waste In American Culture

    Rather than responsibly recycling these electronic products, most of Americans will simply leave these simultaneously toxic and valuable items somewhere. What becomes of all of this e-waste? In the United States, most e-waste is not collected for reuse or recycling: the vast majority is being disposed of in landfills. For example, of the estimated 2.37 million short tons of e-waste collected in 2009 and 2.44 million short tons projected to be collected in 2010, only approximately a quarter is…

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  • Folkewall Case Study

    Folkewall as Grey Water Treatment for Sustainable Architecture Carla T. Faner (11257806) Architectural Design 4, Bachelor of Science in Architecture, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Abstract This research study aims to explore the intersection between agriculture and urbanization in order to provide a green and sustainable source of agriculture, water purification, and insulation to architecture. It scrutinizes the technical characteristics of the folkewall to better understand the…

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  • Zero Carbon Home Research Paper

    In the 21st century, global warming, which is caused by the increase of carbon dioxide gases that forms from burning fuels in the atmosphere, is a serious threat to the Earth. As National Renewable Energy Laboratory (2006) statistics show, energy consumption is done principally by buildings in the U.S. This research intends to decrease the percentage of carbon emission by developing zero carbon homes. Berry,S. et. al. (2013) define zero carbon homes as having no need for fossil fuel for heating…

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