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  • The Color Red In The Great Gatsby

    Red can symbolize a lot of things, for example red represents anger in most cases, but in this novel, it represents wealth and somewhat elegance. In the beginning, Nick describes Tom and Daisy’s house, or should I say mansion, because it is a spacious home which covers a vast amount of land. It’s described as, “A cheerful red and white Georgian colonial mansion overlooking the bay” (Fitzgerald 13). Red is used here because it shows that the Tom and Daisy…

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  • Passing Storm Painting

    artwork is about Mrs. Eliot is a socialite in New York. She is a mother with six children. The main hue used on this painting is red. It used atmospheric perspective to create different color of red. The artwork also including the gestural, which is the woman’s hand. This painting is asymmetrical balance because the background used dark red and the clothe she wore is lighter red creates balance in this painting. The painting contains the focal point, which is the woman. This artwork use oil…

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  • Mask Series No. 10 Analysis

    the Mask Series No. 10 were displayed differently due to the fact that the North building had more colors, the Hamilton building was neutral colored. The color scheme by each curator definitely influenced the artwork in the North building such as the red paint added an empowering feel to the…

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  • Doping In Sports

    1102 Supplements Over Steroids anything but it fully up to themselves to make the decision of what route they want to take. The real standalone color is red which pops out over all the settle and dull colors to show people to go ahead and do what they need to do to get right. Also the color red shows involvement by having the quotes written in red to help make the power in the quotes pop out too. Many of times steroids are displayed in various vibrant hues all over the places. Therefore, these…

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  • Essay On The Color Red In The Handmaid's Tale

    What symbolic role does the color red play in the novel? The color red symbolizes a lot of things in the Handmaid's Tale. The question is up to many different interpretations and one of the many includes women's fertility. Women in the society of Gilead are only valued based on their fertility and whether or not a woman is able to give birth to a healthy human life determines their ranking in the system. When Janine had given birth to “unbabies”, she was shamed at and her babies were deemed…

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  • Bamboo Plant Observation Essay

    Today in writing 040 as a class we observed a bamboo plant in the front of the classroom. The bamboo plant was in a glass vase that held water to nourish the roots of the plant. I noticed that the bamboo had somewhere close to thirty roots coming from the bottom of the plant that were sitting in water. Then i noticed that the bamboo had a stalk that was as straight as an arrow along with vibrant green colors. The bamboo also had two contorted spirals about midway through the plant followed by…

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  • The Importance Of Thinking Of Painting Your Bedroom

    Thinking of painting your bedroom? What color are you considering? You may want to take a minute and think about your color choices and what they can do for you. Color can make an impact on you whether you know it or not and depending on how much time you spend in your bedroom, your color choices can affect you in a positive or negative way, all day, or all night long. If your bedroom is your sanctuary, the place you go into to get away from it all, then you may want to consider the color green…

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  • Judith And Her Maidservant With The Head Of Holofernes Analysis

    2 Dimensional Art The two dimensional art that I observed is called Judith and Her Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes, created between 1623-25. The artist of this painting is Artemisia Gentileschi. This was a large painting that covered over half of the wall. This painting was created by using oil paint. Artists used oil paintings because it dries slowly, the colors are able to blend together, and lastly oil paintings allows the painting to be larger then what it normally would be. The…

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  • Relationship Between Color And Emotion

    perceive things through. It has a deep impact on our emotions and feelings. We learn as we grow, especially in school, to associate colors with emotions. For instance, children in school learn that the color green is associated with being glad and red being associated with anger. Yet do they know that the color-emotion association can determine and set peoples mood without noticing it. Also, depending on the shade of the color whether it’s warm, saturated, unsaturated, sets the overall…

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  • Symbolism Of Symbolism In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

    Dan Țaca Professor D.Benea American Literature January 17, 2016 Uncertain Significance(s).Hawthorne’s Symbols are Richly Ambiguous-the Greatest Red Herring in His Writing. N. Hawthorne’s works (even those few works whose surroundings and action are removed from American reality) are inextricably linked to New England where the writer continuously spent fifty out of sixty years of his life. The historical past of the country that worried all American romantics, for Hawthorne, became the New…

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