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  • The Color White In Shakespeare's Sonnet 99

    complexion dwells” (line 2 and 4). The lilies have stolen the red color from his beloved’s cheek and the whiteness from his beloved’s hand though when the narrator says, “The lily I condemned for thy hand” (lines 6). The marjorie’s have stolen his beloved’s black hair through when the narrator says, “And buds of marjoram had stol’n thy hair” (line 7). And finally the roses have stolen his beloved’s colors: his white color of despair and his red color of shame. The only time the color “white” is…

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  • Sexuality: A Feminist Place In Advertising

    As most women I read tons of fashion magazines a year. Awhile back I came across an ad for Tom Ford. Instead of sniffing the insert and flipping as usual, I paused. The ad was so in your face; it was almost impossible to ignore it. The apparent sexuality was a definite attention grabber and after further investigation so are many other aspects of the ad. Although sexuality is an indicator to make people stop and look, bottle placement plays a vast part in this advertisement. In this particular…

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  • Harvest On The Campagna Analysis

    Harvest on the Campagna The piece I chose to write about is Harvest on the Campagna by John Gatsby Chapman. This piece is displayed in the Kentucky Museum at Western Kentucky University. The museum had a wide range of artwork both professional and local, although, this particular one caught my eye at the door as it was displayed in the front lobby near the entrance. This piece is approximately 8 x 3 ½ and was surrounded by a large golden frame that was surely a show stopper but, that’s not…

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  • The Scarlet Ibis Color Analysis

    color red ,it is used often throughout the entire book and even connects to Doodle one of the characters in the book.For example ”Its a great big red bird” is a echo to Doodle as he was born being a very odd red.Another example of a connection is ”It tumbled down, bumping through the limbs of the bleeding tree and landing at our feet with a thud”.This echos Doodles death as it was very sudden and very subtle just like the Ibis’s, he also died underneath a red nightshade with a brilliant red…

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  • Color In Toni Morrison's Beloved

    and mental devastation of slavery. However, color in this novel is not confined to the discussions of race. Once experiencing freedom, characters notice the world is not just consisted of black and white but also many other vivid colors. The color red provides a valuable insight into different prominent themes throughout the novel: love, hope, passion and death. Throughout Beloved, color is used to represent…

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  • Raft Of The Medusa Analysis

    Art is meant to capture the viewer’s attention and affect them on a deep level. Many times, it leads the audience to examine human beings at a rudimentary state. In Théodore Géricault’s painting, Raft of the Medusa, 1818-1819, Oil on canvas, the viewer does exactly that. In his painting, about 20 men are strewn on a makeshift raft from the remnants of their ship. Some are dead and some are franticly waving pieces of cloth in the air at a ship in the horizon. Each man has an intense look on his…

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  • William Shakespeare's Theme Of True Color Of Satpanth

    dīse chhe ra(n)g āl O brother, the Indian madder dye is genuine and appears red as the gulāl, While the trait of safflower dye is to seemingly appear as the colour of āl The word gulāl in this verse refers to slightly fragrant red powder used on joyous occasions, particularly during the holī festival. Ᾱl is another dye yielding plant, commonly known as noni, Indian mulberry and morinda. Like the Indian madder, the red dye produced from the roots of the Indian mulberry is permanent. The…

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  • The Color Red In The Great Gatsby

    Red can symbolize a lot of things, for example red represents anger in most cases, but in this novel, it represents wealth and somewhat elegance. In the beginning, Nick describes Tom and Daisy’s house, or should I say mansion, because it is a spacious home which covers a vast amount of land. It’s described as, “A cheerful red and white Georgian colonial mansion overlooking the bay” (Fitzgerald 13). Red is used here because it shows that the Tom and Daisy…

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  • Passing Storm Painting

    artwork is about Mrs. Eliot is a socialite in New York. She is a mother with six children. The main hue used on this painting is red. It used atmospheric perspective to create different color of red. The artwork also including the gestural, which is the woman’s hand. This painting is asymmetrical balance because the background used dark red and the clothe she wore is lighter red creates balance in this painting. The painting contains the focal point, which is the woman. This artwork use oil…

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  • Mask Series No. 10 Analysis

    the Mask Series No. 10 were displayed differently due to the fact that the North building had more colors, the Hamilton building was neutral colored. The color scheme by each curator definitely influenced the artwork in the North building such as the red paint added an empowering feel to the…

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