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  • Masculinity In Professional Wrestling

    Undertaker, Edge, and Triple H vie for grandeur through ruthless aggression and all-out mayhem. The WWE promotion is a primetime example of masculinity and an integrated marketing combining with television, live events, film, the internet in 2007 made $500 million. Wrestling with Manhood shows how ‘entertainment’ is connected to sexual assault, homophobia, and relationship violence. As Jhally says, “You know it’s really difficult…

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  • Personal Narrative: Forensics Day

    story. Once upon a time in Louisiana, there was a girl in 4-H named Kourtni Thibodeaux and that girl was me; correction, is me and as you can presume I’m a bit of a jokester. I am sixteen-years-old, in the eleventh grade, and this is my eighth year participating in 4-H, sixth year a part of the Calcasieu Homeschool 4-H Club. This year, I was elected senior parliamentarian of my club. Being homeschooled, I have a lot of time to work on my 4-H and really be involved, with which I very much…

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  • Rhyme Ad Analysis: Ralph Lauren Meme

    that sex sells is typified in the Ralph Lauren perfume advertisement. A beautiful and blond woman is seen being kissed by a handsome young, male. The romantic ad catches the readers’ eyes, yet something is missing entirely from the advertisement: a perfume bottle. The ad is supposed to be promoting a fragrance, but there is no trace of one anywhere. Instead the ad agency is trying to sell the sexual appeal that one will supposedly acquire if they purchase the Ralph Lauren perfume. The ad is…

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  • Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter To Birmingham

    Martin Luther King Jr., a man of great power and influence felt a hint of responsibility to help the people of Birmingham through their crisis by writing a letter to the clergymen about their actions, to hopefully gain their trust and friendships. When it came to civil rights there were many powerful leaders that informed the world of their beliefs on equality. The famed reverend Martin Luther King Jr. once said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” He did not intend for his…

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  • Themes In The Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison

    The invisible man is a novel written by Ralph Ellison. In the first paragraph of the novel, the main character reveals himself as the invisible man. The narrator goes through several experiences which can be considered significant to the development of the invisible man. Although the invisible man introduces himself to the reader in the first paragraph of the novel with a lot of openness, he appears to be a complex character of contradictions as his personality unfolds throughout the novel. The…

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  • Analysis Of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, By Tim O Brien

    The age of Feuilletons is not ongoing today. Books that teach about culture have been written since 1950 have brought forth much about the society in which we live in and how it changes. Novels for all age groups such as If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Things They Carried, Invisible Man, and Buddha in the Attic justify that we do not live in an age of Feuilletons. Many novels since then have discussed the flaws of society, history, and moral conflicts that are…

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  • The Ballot Or The Bullet Martin Luther King Speech Analysis

    Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. led the charge of civil rights despite disagreeing with the basic factors of method and intention. Malcolm X’s famous speech The Ballot or The Bullet remains integral to his methods for attaining his goals. King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail communicates his intentions as well as his celebrated methods of civil disobedience. Malcolm X and King often critiqued the other in their work either in speeches or in writing; in his speech, Malcolm X calls attention to…

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  • The Importance Of Jobs In The Fashion Industry

    Students that graduate from college should have experience in the industry already by networking and internships. CollegeCrunch informs us that, “An internship satisfies the job experience preference of many employers. It also provides networking connections which may be advantageous after graduation.”(para, 11). This is how they build their resume for their career and can demonstrate their experience. CollegeCrunch also adds, “Success in the field of fashion design requires years of hard work,…

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  • Invisible Man Analysis

    Athulya Ajoykrishnan 2 September 2014 Second Hour AP Literature Invisible Man Reduction Title: Invisible Man Author: Ralph Ellison Date of Publication: 1952 Genre: Literary fiction, Bildungsroman, existential Biographical information about the author: He was born March 1, 1914 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as a grandson of slaves. He was named after Emerson. His father died when Ellison was young, and he grew up with his mother and brother. A good musician, he attended Tuskegee…

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  • Essay On Letter To Grand View

    Time changes so quickly, and so do we. I think we have all noticed that in the short four months we have come to know each other. After receiving my acceptance letter to Grand View, I learned about LOGOs. At first glance, it just seemed like a lot of work and reading. Many upperclassmen warned me of the critical thinking and countless papers that would be formed during this course. However, I was still up for the challenge. When I first walked into our LOGOs classroom back in August, I saw…

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