Born Evil In The Devil Inside By Charles Manson

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IN the mind of the worst of the human race

We all fear something, don’t we? Yes, yet it is hard to say things that we are afraid of do not intrigue us, make us wonder. Where it came from what made it what it is well this paper is my dive into the mind of something that intrigues me personally yet I am also afraid of. The mind of the serial killer the monsters among men we all fear people that can take a human life but why do they well in my research I found some similarities such as personal gain of any kind, a desire for power/control, and worst of all are simply born evil. Born evil is a broad term taking in a break in reality, evil, or people who do it for a thrill. Serial killers have been around for a long time they are a thing that
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Manson was ironically a hippie and took the beetle song Helter Skelter a lot to seriously and decided to make his family by “then sold them on his vision of an apocalyptic race war” (“The Devil Inside” by Charlie Gills ) yes Manson wanted a race war by having poor white people kill rich white people. His plan of course failed since one his plan would have worked better as a class war and not a race war plus he and his family had been caught very early on and he and his family were all tried as serial killers. Manson has had several probation hearings and with his latest in 2016 he didn’t even go aware and knowing he will be staying in …show more content…
Now the question on the mind of this writer as I did research what caused this boy Theodore who was a high school graduate who besides not having a father had a good childhood. Well as I researched a periodical “Reflections on Bundy” and the book “Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters” both brought up a point “the relationship between fantasy and action has always been problematic” (National review page 17) now with this we can come to a conclusion that Bundy was just like anyone else we all have a dark thought here and there yet for Bundy in a lust driven power hunt he crossed the thin line. His last words were “Give my family and friends my love” after finally confessing to a total of 30

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