Psychological Theories Of Ted Bundy

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Traditionally the actions and behavior of individuals that fall under the category of serial killer has been derived from factors such as an immoral upbringing or even past physical, sexual or mental abuse from their early childhood experiences. Serial murder is a term that describes an individual that has committed over four murders in a relatively short time frame. Serial murder has plagued the criminal justice system with a number of the worst offenders in human history. These offenders have exposed the disgusting capabilities of evil actions and dehumanizing violence. The act of deliberately causing the death of a human being as outlined in the Criminal Code of Canada is murder . In Canada, murder can be classified as either
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There is a fine line between the two and Ted Bundy is a prime example of this. Ted Bundy was known as a serial murderer; he was responsible for the death of numerous individuals; which gave him the title of a serial killer. Committing violent sexual homicides, otherwise known as lust murders was the explanation of Ted Bundy’s life . Similar to the early stages of a serial murderer, Bundy felt as if he was an alien among humans and was known to be a loner for the majority of his life . Bundy was not categorized as having sociopathic traits. He was an individual that was intelligent and had feelings towards others. The murders he committed were due to the sexual arousal that he felt after committing each murder. Bundy began his criminal acts soon after he ended his relationship with his girlfriend Stephanie Brooks. Bundy became infatuated with criminal activity at a young age; his criminal acts began with burglary and small thefts at local convenience …show more content…
Sociopaths can be compared to Bundy’s life and have a number of similar qualities, but there is a significant difference between both. In this particular case, Bundy and a sociopath both choose to disregard social norms and laws but what differs them, are the fact that sociopaths tend to feel no remorse for their behaviours; Bundy did. Bundy wouldn’t be qualified as a sociopath but rather as a predator. His characteristics defined those who show qualities of a predator-like background rather than a sociopathic. Predators disguise themselves; they are individuals that display no physical or psychological abnormal behavior. Bundy was an example of this. He would confront his victims as an angry predator who would use them as a way to satisfy a need for control, intimacy and violence . Serial Killers can be viewed from two different perspectives: sociopaths and predators. Arguably both have similar character traits but they are all a briefly different. The physicality of these individuals are roughly the same but why they commit these crimes are all different. Sociopaths would commit three murders and feel nothing about it; they commit these murders over impulse and sense of power that they never had. Predators on the other hand, tend to focus their murders on certain individuals to ultimately receive a sense of sexual arousal, dominance or power among others. The

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