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  • The True Identity In The Battle Royal, By Ralph Ellison

    The Battle Royal (1952) A contest in which gladiators fight to the death until one remains alive was an experience the narrator of the short story, written by author Ralph Ellison, Battle Royal. It is the slave sport the narrator accidentally gotten involved in, as he was about to tell a speech for the high white authorities. The story is a narration of the biography twenty years or more from the narrator 's current age as was looking back as he tries to find his identity in the present. The…

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  • Syntax And Symbolism In Ralph Ellison's The Invisible Man

    Historical information about the Setting: Coming from a small town in the American South, the narrator moves to a Negros College after receiving a scholarship. After being expelled though, the narrator moves to the main city, Harlem in New York City. At the time, it was the major center of where African-American culture thrived and influenced many. The contrast between the North and South shown through the awe from the narrator showed the new sense of hope for the Black community. Harlem was a…

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  • The Moral Dilemma Of Antigone And Martin Luther King Jr.

    The ethical issue that Antigone faced can be viewed through a multitude of philosophical perspectives, but only one theory provides the best lens. Antigone is faced with the moral dilemma of choosing to honor her dead brother, Polyneices, or to let him rot in the presence of scavenging animals. With the burying of Polyneices, Antigone would dishonor the government and put her life at stake, but also let Polyneices soul be at rest. When the situation is viewed through the Golden Rule, the…

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  • Symbolism And Characterism In The Mountaintop By Katori Hall

    In a small run-down motel room, with the sound of rain hitting the window, sits a tired man. “I’ve seen the promise land," he says. Despite including powerful words of a strong leader, the play The Mountaintop is disappointing. The play, The Mountaintop written by American playwright Katori Hall, performed at the Cleveland Playhouse, is based off what could have happened between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Mountaintop speech and his assassination. All taking place in his Lorraine Motel room. No…

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  • Prejudice And Racism Exposed In Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man

    Ralph Ellison was a man with a love of individuality. He was a man of vision and a radical thinker. His novel, Invisible Man, rattled the confining prison bars of racism and prejudice. Through his narrator, the Invisible Man, Ellison guides the reader on a path of tribulations. His labyrinthine story shows readers the untold truths of racism, and the blindness caused by the corrupt power structure of society. The cryptic journey of the invisible man leads the readers, to a ubiquitous message…

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  • The Struggle In Invisible Man, By Ralph Ellison

    In a society where people are defined by others and not by themselves, questioning and conflict arises frequently and was most certainly prevalent in the life of an Invisible Man. In the book Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison, an African American man struggles to find his identity and to understand the world around him due to its limiting and prejudicial values. A large part of this Invisible Man’s life was influenced by his grandfather, even though he only appeared for a short portion of the book…

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  • Rhetorical Techniques Used In John F. Kennedy's Speech

    In 1961, John F. Kennedy took the podium after being sworn in as the 35th president of the United States. People gathered around, despite the bitter cold, in hopes of hearing reassurance from their new national leader. At this time in history America was struggling with social inequalities, racial tensions, and a fight against communism. With the current issues in mind, Kennedy sought to invoke a sense of unity across the nation. Through the use of rhetorical devices such as strong dictation,…

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  • Steve Jobs Rhetoric

    Why is it that Martin Luther King is regarded as one of the most respected leaders of all time? After all, he wasn’t the only man who suffered in pre-civil rights America, so why him? How has Steve Jobs created a multimillion dollar company when his competitors are equally qualified to make all of the same products? As it turns out, all the great inspiring leaders, whether it's Steve Jobs or Martin Luther King, all think, act, and broadcast their feelings in the exact same way. It’s no mystery…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of 'If I Ve Been To The Mountaintop'

    “That's the question before you tonight. Not, "If I stop to help the sanitation workers, what will happen to my job. Not, "If I stop to help the sanitation workers what will happen to all of the hours that I usually spend in my office every day and every week as a pastor?" The question is not, "If I stop to help this man in need, what will happen to me?" The question is, "If I do not stop to help the sanitation workers, what will happen to them?" That's the question.” In 1968 at Mason Temple in…

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  • The Importance Of The Freedom Rides

    Rights Movement, his efforts in the Freedom Rides presented a great deal of courage (Meet the Players, 2017). Ralph Abernathy was a major leader of the Civil Rights Movement and was a close friend of Martin Luther King Jr. (Meet the Players, 2017). Abernathy died April 17th, 1990 at the age of sixty-four in Atlanta Georgia (Meet the Players, 2017). After Martin Luther King was assassinated, Ralph took over leadership of the SCLC (Meet the Players, 2017). Hank Thomas was a true, underrated…

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