Rainy River

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  • Summary Of On The Rainy River 'By Tim O' Brien

    “On the Rainy River” is a story describing the narrator, Tim O’Brien, conforming to the society surrounding him; while continuing to question internally. O’Briens drastic tension of self morals alongside the differentiated pressure of conforming to the society’s desire for him to fight for his country, has left O’Brien with the fear of exile, abandonment, the fear of being ashamed; all of which, are considered far worse than the fear of death. O’Briens inner turmoil is of direct correlation to…

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  • Tim O Brien On The Rainy River Analysis

    Tim O’Brien’s semi-autobiographical short story On the Rainy River documents his personal struggles after being drafted for the Vietnam War. Throughout the story, Tim encounters situations that persuade him to abandon the draft and flee to Canada. But after careful reconsideration, Tim decides to go to war due to his fear of shame. As a result, his story illustrates the fact that most decisions are made due to emotional factors and not logic. Moreover, His decision was explained by the societal…

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  • Analysis Of Tim O 'Brien's On The Rainy River'

    Author Tim O’Brien fictionalized himself in a short story called “On the Rainy River” which shows the battle that frequently occurred to a recipient of the draft notice as the war dragged on. In this story, there are many connotations to war and the American soldier persona. Tim battles with a difficult decision that was not uncommon during the late sixties and early seventies. In O’Brien’s short story, Canada was the land of the free, since military duty is optional, and home of the cowards, a…

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  • Happiness In Tim O Brien's On The Rainy River

    believe in. However, sometimes while on the path of pursuing happiness, one may be forced to compromise and go against what he or she wants or believes in. This idea of compromising happiness has been depicted by Tim O’Brien in the short story On the Rainy River.…

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  • Symbols In On A Rainy River By Tim O Brien

    Attention Grabber: In our society, we all long for a feeling of acceptance by our peers and we detest the feeling of being left on the outside. Introduce literature used: On a Rainy River by Tim O’Brien Thesis: Acceptance of plays a role in the responsibilities that we put upon ourselves, this is demonstrated through the character of Tim O'Brien, metaphor and tone of the story. Body Body Paragraph 1 Main Idea: Tim went against his personal values and took on the responsibility of fighting in…

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  • On The Rainy River By Tim O Brien: An Analysis

    interests can vary from having the freedom to choose between worshipping God or Buddha, to choosing to pursue a specific career in life. The restrictions that we put on our lives not only affect us, yet those around us as well. In the text On the Rainy River written by Tim O’Brien, we explore the life of O’Brien and the significance when an individual attempts to live unconstrained by his circumstances. Tim was a young man who was forced to fight in the Vietnam war, but refused and fled from…

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  • Moral Crisis In On The Rainy River By Tim O Brien

    lifetime. So how does one discern which pathway to take? Certainly, they must consider their moral principles and disposition. As well, they should weigh the importance of their aspirations in light of the situation. In his short story, “On the Rainy River”, Tim O’Brien demonstrates that if an individual faces a major moral crisis that affects their dreams for the future, they must trust their intellect, emotions and identity to direct their course of action. Tim, the protagonist, is a twenty…

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  • The Rainy River In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    battlefield by burning their draft cards or illegally crossing the U.S.-Canadian border. The narrator of The Things They Carried attempted the latter in the chapter “On The Rainy River”, but ended up not going through with it. But what made him change his mind? The scene where the narrator makes his choice takes place on a rainy river between the state of Minnesota and Canada. An old man named Elroy Berdahl, who had let the boy stay at his lodge, took him out on a fishing trip that day. At…

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  • Another Effect Of On The Rainy River By Tim O Brien

    with a bright future who just received a notice? This is what the author Tim O’Brien went through in his autobiographical short story “On the Rainy River”. The story is about O’Brien describing his feelings and emotions after receiving a draft letter, and his need to escape it. In the short story “On the Rainy River” by…

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  • How Santa Clause Came To Simpson's Bar Analysis

    conditions, the characters’ ways of life and the season. The weather conditions in the story were rainy, so much that the streams were overflowing. This impacted the story because it made it even harder for Dick to get out. He had to cross a full and fast-flowing river. “But the brawling creek he had swam a few hours before had risen, more than doubled its volume, and now rolled a swift and resistless river between him and Rattlesnake Hill” (14). Another setting aspect that affects the story…

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