Tim O Brien On The Rainy River Summary

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Chapter Analysis: On the Rainy River

Claim 1:
O’Brien undergoes a lot of emotions throughout this chapter: Desolation, helplessness and angst. He wants his readers to feel the same things that he felt on the Rainy River and everywhere in between.

Reasoning and evidence:
In the chapter, the feeling of desolation or loneliness is a familiar face with Tim O’Brien. When he decided to leave his own lonely home with only his mom and dad, he arrived an almost abandoned fishing lodge. The man he met upon arrival, and the owner of the lodge, Elroy Berdahl, was the only other soul there (46). He barely spoke to Elroy as well, playing board games with measly conversations and hushed meals (47). O’Brien’s lack of conversation about the draft and his

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