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  • Contexts In 'The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes And Rear Window'

    Hitchcock’s film ‘Rear Window’ belongs to the ‘hard-boiled’ and ‘film noir’ era of crime, the post W.W.II period. This sub-genre usually casted the detective as a well educated private eye who outsmarts the police. This was a period when growing senses of social insecurity and the fear of a nuclear war spread within the USA. Many…

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  • The Yellow Wallpaper And The Dead Analysis

    Anecdotes, stories, novels, and other grandeur forms of art often bring out many different emotions and feelings such as happiness, sympathy, pain, and horror. Books such as “ the Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Stetson and “the Dead” by James Joyce lead to create a maudlin environment within the book by discussing mawkish topics such as pain and restraint. In the yellow wallpaper, one of the main themes is constraint, an element that leads to the antagonist to lose sanity, “ "I 've got out at…

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  • Importance Of Being Earnest Analysis

    Annotated Bibliography: The Importance of Being Earnest Reinert, Otto. "Satiric Strategy in the Importance of Being Earnest." College English 18.1 (1956): 14-18. National Council of Teachers of English. JSTOR, Oct. 1956. Web. 5 July 2015. The main idea in this analysis of Wilde’s satire is to prove that Wilde does not just use satire for the sake of having his play being called a “farce,” rather he uses satirical strategy to enhance the experience of the play and how it differs from “normal”…

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  • Analysis Of No Thank You John

    In literature, there were not many examples of women that refused to adhere to the status quo. We have plenty of men and women who wrote for the continuation of the male hierarchy. There were some, however, that decided to write in opposition to the norm. Christina Rossetti, for example, wrote a poem titled “No, Thank You, John” which criticizes the marriage system and indirectly becomes a proponent to the concept of the new woman. A new woman is considered to be independent, educated, and…

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  • Peter Pan And The Count Of Monte Cristo Comparison

    "Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning." Peter Pan is a fantastical children's book published in 1904 by Sir James Matthew Barrie, more commonly known as J. M. Barrie. The Count of Monte Cristo, written by Alexandre Dumas in 1844, is a historical young adult fiction. These two books could not be more different. Peter Pan focuses on the imagination of young ones, one of which will never grow up. The Count of Monte Cristo follows the betrayal of a man and his revenge. However,…

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  • Hierarchy In Britain

    The British people believe of themselves as a greater people, “lords of all the world and thus of humankind,” (Cannadine, 5). They imposed their ideas about hierarchy of race and class, hoping to create replications of British society within other societies (9). They sought to use hierarchy to create a sense of belonging and importance within those they took over. Doing so allowed them greater political control, even if through the local elite. This occurred because Britain saw their new…

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  • Reality In Alice's Adventures In Wonderland By Lewis Carroll

    Victorian era. Lewis Carroll was born January 27, 1832 in Cheshire, England to Charles Dodgson and Frances Jane Ludwidge. His father was a clergyman…

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  • Power In H. G. Haggard's Novel

    Among the numerous Femme Fatales of the Gothic Literature Era existed one of extraordinary power and mystery. Ayesha, known as “She,” was one of the greatest seductresses of the late Victorian Gothic period created by H.G. Haggard. With her unique beauty and charm she could put the world at her feet, but with total power comes consequence. She who must be obeyed was only as powerful as the blinding obsession she had for Kallikrates would allow her to be. Ultimately,a it is that obsession that…

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  • Diary Of A Nobody Analysis

    In the late 1800s, domesticity was of such importance that handbooks such as Mrs Beeton 's Household Management were extremely popular throughout the nation. This was particularly due to a shift in class structure and the ease of transitioning from working class to middle class. Due to this, women who were born into working class families had to learn the etiquette required of a middle-class lady. Through Beeton 's book, as well as Ruskin 's, women of the late 19th Century learned the values of…

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  • Jekyll And Hyde Narcissism

    The Victorian era is a time of promise and change under Queen Victoria’s rule. During this time of change, there were numerous advancements in both science and social aspects. When Robert Louis Stevenson published Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Victorians saw a glimpse of these advancements and behaviors. Dr. Jekyll, a promising doctor, believes he is making medical strides and therefore, improving the world with his medicine. However, the deeper readers get into the story, they begin…

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