How Does Dickens Use Dialogue In Martin Shuzzlewit

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Taking Marting Chuzzlewit as the referent work for the present essay and the main features of Realism previously presented, it is possible to state that, Dickens reflects all these features in this novel making it one of his most characteristic works.
Introducing the range of linguistic registers previously mentioned, Dickens places each character in a different social status depending on each character idiolect1. On this basis, it is also essential to point out the importance of Dickens' use of dialogues as a key element in his novel since, as David Lodge asserted, “it is in dialogue, above all, that the novelist has most opportunity, if he so wishes, to suggest continuity between his fictional world and the real world”2. As a matter of fact, according to some Dickens' contemporaries, one of the most outstanding features of the work was Dickens' use of dialogues as a way to characterise the speech of his characters and reflect the real world in his book, as well. Indeed, it may be pointed out that although Martin Chuzzlewit is a work of fiction, it is also a serious representation of a society looking for the self-interest. In a similar way, Dickens introduces detailed descriptions of each of the characters, their clothing and the way they live so thus the reader may be able to place each of them in the very same social status the author originally wants them to be located as well as to understand the way characters behave at every moment. At this point, it is also worthy to mention that Dickens' Martin Chuzzlewit, as well as other novels written by him, was created after a journey he made to America, a

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