Bildungsroman In Great Expectations

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A Bildungsroman Book
The novel, Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens fits into many genres, one of which is called bildungsroman. A bildungsroman is a German genre which can be described as a coming of age novel where the young main character develops and grows throughout the book. In this story the main character Pip starts out as a young boy and finishes a married man, the bildungsroman genre is used by Dickens to convey the growth, mentally and physically, in not only Pip through his life but also the growth of other characters as well.
When Pip lived as a young boy with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gargery he went to his parents graves one day, on his way back home from the cemetery through the marshes he met an escaped convict, Magwitch. Magwitch
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Pip was helped throughout the book by countless side characters in both positive and negative ways such as Jaggers and Herbert or Estella and Miss Havisham. Whether the influence of the character towards Pip is positive or negative all interaction is beneficial for Pip, Herbert bunks with Pip and is a positive influence towards him, teaching him edicate, dancing, manners and even sharing advice on simply existing. Herbert tells Pip “you swoop upon it and you make your capital” (Dickens 143), which in itself is a large growth that bullied a young Pip in the Satis garden, showing that even in a poor state he is rich which in turn gets Pip thinking about how pure and positive one can make a situation that looks dark and dreary. However, when Estella who is raised to make men suffer is given to her to practice upon she teaches Pip recilliance as well as a lot of the common games and talking styles of the upper echelon, even though he is made miserable almost every time he sets foot into Satis House. While the manor in which she treats Pip is beastly overall he benefits in a way that will help him survive his new soon to be life in London, where if it had not been for the prize of Estella he would not have excelled in the lifestyle as quick as an unmotivated Pip would have.
While Dickens novel,

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