The Talented Mr Ripley Analysis

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They say money that does not keep a person warm at night. Though it can buy a feathered quilt. The Talented Mr. Ripley, an ironic detective novel by Patricia Highsmith is a prefect representation of a text which undermines the 1950’s way of life. The author subverts everything from sexuality to social class to the ignorance of the judiciary system, all while having the readers sympathize with a pathological murderer and even though religion may not be central theme the author writes with each of the seven deadly sins in mind. With an abstract take on the scenes in The Talented Mr. Ripley, there is a clear divide between two cardinal sins; envy and pride with a lustful perversion attached to both. While complexes tend to be the downfall of a …show more content…
Firstly, the author uses envy to drive the first part of The Talented Mr. Ripley and can be depicted in Tom’s hatred of the people he lives among, thus is born his social class complex, his desire to be more like Dickie – in his masculinity and pride, and the overwhelming hatred of Marge. This hate, however, is not hatred but severe jealousy that Tom is not able to identify as he has an issue being able to depict rational feelings. In an early scene in the novel while Tom assess the surprise going away party on the boat, Highsmith writes: “… the vulgarians, the slobs, he had thought had left behind when he crossed the gangplank” (32). The words Tom associates with “bohemians” are utterly degrading, though what he does not realize, considering how repressed he is, is that he is so repulsed, not because he wants to get away from them, but because he no longer wants to be one of them, thus when given such an opportunity, we see Tom develop an air of superiority. Highsmith proves this just pages later once the party is over and Tom notices a gift basket that has been left by Emily and Herbert Greenleaf. As he is so overwhelmed, he “…[puts] his face down in his hands suddenly and [begins] to sob”

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