Pragmatic theory of truth

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  • Quality Digest Case Study

    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Research Background Back in the olden days, the success of an organisation was determined by the quality nature of products they provided their customers. It was believed that customers were ignorant and did not know exactly what they wanted and therefore accepted whatever was given them; thus the final decision rested on the producer or service provider. The case however, in today’s business environment is the reverse.…

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  • Nonverbal And Nonymbolic Interaction Theory

    This theory emphasizes daily exchanges between individuals so as to develop an understanding of basic human interactions via three core principles: meaning, language and thought. One’s identity of self is derived from how they perceive things, how they speak in relation to others and what is meaningful. Interpreting a situation, understanding verbal and nonverbal communication as to how it relates to one’s self and someone/thing else is the underlying concept of understanding this theory. The…

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  • Differences Between Culture And Human Behavior

    pp: 434. Kulkarni, A., 2009. Organizational culture and behavior. Keesing, R., 1974. Theories of culture. Annu. Rev. Anthropol., 3: 73-97. Kevin, A. and P. Black, 1993. Conflict resolution in intercultural settings: Problems and Prospects. In: Conflict Resolution Theory and Practice: Integration and Application, Sandole, D.J.D. and H. van der Merwe (Eds.). Manchester University Press, Manchester, England, pp: 131-145. Kroeber…

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  • Importance Of Conflict Resolution

    In the twentieth century many reached the understanding that disputes are normal in human society, and not necessarily destructive, and that if they do not get out of hand they may have within them a potential for growth, maturity, and social changes, an opportunity for new ways of thinking and new experiences. Because conflicts are an integral part of human interaction, one should learn to manage them: to deal with them in a way that prevents escalation and destruction, and arrives at new,…

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