Essay On Sense Perception

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To what extent can we rely on sense perception and memory as ways of knowing?

My short-term memory has never been something to be praised, I was asked what I had for lunch three days ago, I sat there momentarily thinking about the lunches that I had over the previous days, after a little while I told the person that asked me that I could not answer. I have always had greater confidence in my long-term memory, I generally find it to be more accurate and easier to recall than more recent memories. Other people might also think the same way but not to the extent of my knowledge. I remember one time my cousins and I were bathing together, I was about three years old. Though I can remember this event with some clarity I cannot confirm if the memory
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Without my senses I think the world would be more dangerous and difficult than it currently is, I would not know to avoid certain smells because they can cause damage to my brain or could potentially be fatal. I am heavily reliant on my senses; I would not be able to learn, listen to music, read, or do many of the things that I enjoy, without my senses. I think that as humans we all rely heavily on our senses but sometimes we trust them too well, I remember searching for my family while I was shopping at West Edmonton Mall and I searched for quite a while and I could not find them, I had walked past them probably 5 times and had not noticed them. Even after this experience, when my eyes had failed me and did not help me find my family, I still trusted them. I did not feel the need to question them, I convinced myself that it was all my own fault for not seeing them sooner, it was not my eyes being faulty. Though our senses can be unreliable and inaccurate at times, in my opinion, they are still our most reliable ways of knowing, even though we mishear things …show more content…
They can be really deceptive sometimes and cause us to make mistakes, but mistakes are what make us human. We trust our memory and senses so easily because it is just more pragmatic than questioning them. It is up to us to work around the deception and find the truth. Now that I know how unreliable memory and sense perception can be, I may question them a little more often but this will be difficult since I depend on the two so strongly. Unlike many other things, understanding memory and sense perception require more than intuitive thinking, making them more difficult to

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