Organic synthesis

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  • Azoles Research Paper

    contain three nitrogen atoms which was classified according to number of nitrogen atoms presents in this cyclic organic molecules. Azole drugs target the key enzyme i.e. the lanosterol 14-alpha demethylase, encoded by ERG11 gene. This inhibition occurs through the binding of the free nitrogen atom of the azole ring to the iron atom of the heme group of the enzyme. That leads to the synthesis of toxic compounds, which are unable to successfully replace ergosterol. In 1958, scientific community…

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  • Physics Of Q-Dots Lab Report

    electricity depending on the temperature and purity of the semiconductor. Q-dots range in size from 2-10 nm, so because of their small size, quantum mechanics governs the physics of the particles. The synthesis Q-Dots were first studied in 1982 by Efros and Ekimov, and then many developments have reported the synthesis of semiconductor nanoparticles.1 Q-Dots have unique properties, which is emitting color depending on the size not its materials. For big particles Q-Dots have the large wavelength…

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  • Business Analysis: Canine California

    felt a bit like encountering a sleek house cat in a jungle safari. If not for the French language floating through the air I would have thought I had somehow stumbled back to Ann Arbor. The menu listed outside including a range of burgers made with organic free range beef and sustainable local ingredients. Starving and curious, I took my place in the decent sized line. As I stood there, to my surprise I realised that while the odd tourist waited in front of me, the majority consisted of French…

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  • Thermodynamic Energy Flow

    and sediment, whereas animals from ingested food. [3] The term “Nutrient Cycle” describes the exchange and movement of inorganic and organic matter back into the production of living matter. I will examine the Energy Flow and Nutrient Cycle in one ecosystem: The…

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  • Personal Statement: How Can I Help?

    Joseph Cradlebaugh. The project was a environmentally friendly synthesis of trifluoromethylated pyridines. This research project was of immediate importance due to the fact that the planned synthetic route eliminates the use of solvent and standard agents in adding a trifluoromethyl group, which may be toxic1,2. Trifluoromethylated pyridines are found in many pharmaceuticals3 and this synthesis installs two reactive functional groups on the 2 and 6 positions of the ring, which…

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  • Ferrocene Lab Report

    investigate the unconventional sandwich structure. In addition, the experiment aims to understand pi-bonding of an arene ring, use cyclic voltammetry to understand the redox capacity of ferrocene, and explore the barriers between formal inorganic and organic chemistry definitions. Introduction Ferrocene was discovered unintentionally in 1949 when Miller, Tebboth, and Tremaine from British Oxygen tried to synthesize amines from hydrocarbons as a modification of the Haber process.1 Their work…

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  • Challenges Of Korean Rice Wine

    opportunity. With such passion in research, I was able to have an independent study course in school with one of the biological engineering professors and researched the DNA synthesis process. As a member of an International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition team, I researched ways to improve de novo DNA synthesis system. Using an enzyme called terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT), we were able to synthesize a DNA strand without using harmful chemical reagents and template…

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  • Water And Pyrillation Research Paper

    consumption by humans. • Vitro synthesis of DNA Pyridine can be found in the leaves and roots of Atropa belladonna, however, it is not naturally abundant. Small amounts of Pyridine can be found in everyday life in compounds that have been produced in a canning or roasting process. Pyridine was historically extracted from coal tar, this method was not very sustainable. In modern times Pyridine can be produced synthetically using various name reactions such as Chichibabin synthesis. The formation…

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  • The Complexity Of Biochemistry In The Human Body

    As I’ve matured in my studies, I have found the boundaries between the sciences to blur, which has led to my desire to do biochemistry. The course encompasses several science disciplines from biophysics and bioengineering to cellular biology and organic chemistry and looks at these from an analytical and quantitative standpoint. The diversity and interdisciplinary nature of biochemistry and its practical applications have led me to the course. I believe that the complexity of the biochemistry…

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  • Banana Oil Synthesis Lab Report

    Purpose: The purpose of this laboratory was to synthesize isopentyl acetate, commonly known as banana oil, in a reaction of methanol and isopentyl alcohol catalyzed by sulfuric acid. Through this Fischer esterification reaction, it was possible to learn about using a Reflux condenser to run a reaction as well as purifying the product through various washes and extractions along with simple distillation. In addition, the product of the experiment was carefully analyzed based upon boiling point,…

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