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  • Duluth Police Department Case Study

    physical factors of both the officer and person being confronted (age, size, relative strength, skill level, injuries sustained etc.), if subject is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the mental state of the person,the accessibility of weapons or objects that can be used as weapons, the effectiveness of the restraint put on the subject and if that restrain is enough, weighing options and how likely it is to be successful, how grave the suspected offense might be or how the situation came…

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  • Women's Self Esteem Summary

    This video talks about women’s self-esteem on how the media portrays their bodies and how it’s a mental and physical problem because it tells the society that every women supposed to have this specific type of body, slim and attractive as an ideal women which supposed to satisfy men. Companies and the media themselves thinks that women would be able to feel better and more confident about themselves if they’re not really who they are, but a more sexier and slim women by having their bodies…

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  • What Is Medical Entity Relationship Extraction And Search Problem?

    RELATED WORK (tx) Our PubMed entity relation extraction and search problem is related to two fields of study: Medical entity relation mining and Entity-related search system. In the medical text-mining domain, there exists some prior works about the relationship among medical entities shown in the knowledge databases[1,2]. The most popular one is Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD) whose data, including relations between Chemical-Gene, Chemical-Disease and Gene-Disease. Unlike the specific…

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  • Material Objects

    Recently our class lectures, discussions, and readings have focused on the significance of material objects in life and in museums. We explored this topic in depth when we each created a personal “shoebox” exhibit, meant to accurately illustrate who we are. As soon as I began thinking about what objects constitute me, I felt overwhelmed. What could I possibly fit into one small shoebox that sums up all of me? I ended up putting tons of small items in my box, like an acorn to show how much I love…

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  • Materialistic Objects

    Throughout life, materialistic objects will come and go, holding little to no value as time passes on; although true, memories will never fade from one’s mind. The giant desktop monitor sits in a dark corner in the basement, and all the old and tattered clothes are in a box in the attic with no purpose anymore. These things fade out of one’s mind and the enjoyment that the items brought vanishes as quickly as it once existed. Certain objects, however, hold a special place in a person’s heart…

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  • The Role Of Beauty In Kant's Critique Of Judgement

    exposes beauty as a concept that, when applied to an object, starts to break apart its own argument of…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Happiness And Reality

    may say yes some may say no that is my point. Second, I want to find out whether happiness can be influenced by our perception of reality. The problem with the concept of happiness is that it can be viewed as subjective or objective. But aren’t objects just subjectively existing through our own sensory perception? How can you distinguish what is real and what is not real or what is objective and what is subjective. In my opinion, everything is based on own sensory perception. To start off,…

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  • Occupational Therapy Student Reflection

    skills are the ability to retain two or three objects purposefully, retain two or three objects offered by the occupational therapy student. In addition, she was able to find hidden sounds below after turning head to side and responds to simple request and gestures. The request was made to look at pictures for one minute when named and she complied. Some obstacles were place in her way to the playpen, and she was able to avoid them to retain an object. She listened to familiar words such as…

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  • Kiara Sheaff Character Analysis

    true count and count by rote. She has gotten past the common errors made when learning to count and is able to partition, is coordinated, and understands cardinality. When asked to count up to 10 she did it almost instinctively. When asked to count objects she did it without any mistakes. Her second strongest skill is writing. Kiara is able to write her name and almost all of the letters of the alphabet. When it comes to drawing people a good test of a child’s cognitive abilities. Kiara does…

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  • Difference Between Ontology And Epistemology

    discovered but constructed. Meaning does not inhere in the object, merely waiting for someone to come upon it" (Crotty 1998). By this constructionism claims that the structures in which we engage with in the world create our meanings. Objects do not have a prescribed meaning within them, it is the human being who attributes their individualistic meaning of the source. So, while relativism claims that there is no set meaning for objects, constructionism compliments this assumption by arguing…

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