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  • How Did Theodore Roosevelt Impact Society

    Theodore Roosevelt made a great impact while in office at the White House. He also abuse his power as the President during his years. Most of his legacy included; Act, Act, Ac, Act. Now even though he won the noble peace prize in 1906 for creating a peace movement. Therefore developing countless “Acts” that help America evolved in what it is today. Whereas, he still made some unforgettable decision, such as, Brownsville and imperialism. However, his time in the White House was quite memorable,…

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  • Case Study Of Bernie Madoff

    In December 2008, Bernard "Bernie" L. Madoff owner of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC wasarrested for committing a $50 billion investment fraud, which later was found to be $65 billion (Bernard L. Madoff. February 9, 2009).Bernard Madoff 's business was an investing firm that pulled off a massive fraud. His firm took money from several people, rich or poor, it did not matter. His victims were Jewish philanthropists from the Upper East Side of New York, almost half the members of the…

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  • Grameen Bank Case Analysis

    poor people in Bangladesh. Professor Yunus was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for the micro-credit system provided by his bank to poor…

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  • When Doctor Say No But Doctors Say Yes Analysis

    deal with high blood pressure are at an enormously increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Heart disease is the number one killer in the nation, and a stoke is the number three killer. Epstein states in the article how Sir James Black won a Nobel Prize for his discovery in the 1960s on beta-blockers. This appeals to pathos by allowing the reader to emotionally connect to the subject. The great discovery that was found by Black was approved by the FDA in 1981. The beta-blocker, atenolol,…

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  • Can Art Be Separated From Politics

    Chapter 3: Pinter’s Political Activism and Political Plays Can art be separated from politics is a question which has been debated upon by many critics. Personally, I feel that since art is a representation of life, and politics in life begins when at least two individuals are involved, it can never be separated from politics. However hard an artist tries to separate his work from the tricky games of politics, his efforts turn out to be futile as the artist’s own idea in his work is a political…

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  • Mother Teresa Charismatic Leader

    Mother Teresa once said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”. This view on changing the world is what drove Mother Teresa in the ways she lived and the ways she led others. Mother Teresa, is best known for her efforts in serving others and her desire to aid the unwanted, the unloved, and the uncared for. When looking closer at her life, it’s clear that Mother Teresa’s historical, contemporary, and immediate context has influenced her…

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  • Liberal Feminism Case Study

    Feminism defines feminism as “the belief that men and women deserve equality in all opportunities, treatment, respect, and social rights.” However, ways of seeing issues differs amongst feminists. It is important to understand the difference between what was done and what the two did to help women earn equal rights, especially how they got the vote. Also the comparison between Canadian women and African American women in the US. The government of Canada states that “Canada is a world…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Biological Warfare

    Man has used biological weapons such as poisons for assassinating enemies for hundreds of years. Since the beginning of time, biological warfare has been a preferred method to annihilate populations at a time. Biological warfare, also known as germ warfare, is described as using biological agents like bacteria, viruses and fungi as biological weapons on a large scale to defeat the enemy. The main intention of such is to cause casualties by the medium of air, water, cattle or crops. The history…

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  • Catastropheian Population

    Introduction Throughout the years, humans have tried to satisfy their unlimited desires with limited resources. The problem of scarcity that arises as a result on Earth is only amplified as the population grows. Historically, there have a number of viewpoints on the sustainability of population growth. Some of them have been more pessimistic than others. One of the most well known pessimistic viewpoints is that of Thomas Malthus. Thomas Robert Malthus was an English scholar and a professor of…

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  • Notes Of A Native Speaker Summary

    When music producer, hat connoisseur, and “Happy” singer Pharrell Williams sat down with Oprah in 2014 to discuss his successful life story, we learned of how the star views his identity. Coining the term, “The New Black,” Pharrell explains, “The New Black doesn 't blame other races for our issues. The New Black dreams and realizes that it 's not a pigmentation; it 's a mentality. And it 's either going to work for you, or it 's going to work against you. And you 've got to pick the side you 're…

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