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  • Maya Angelou Civil Rights Movement

    resulting in the emergence of new, more militant movements, leaders, and organizations. The Brown decision demonstrated that the litigation strategy of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) could undermine the legal foundations of southern segregationist practices, but the strategy worked only when blacks, acting individually or in small groups, assumed the risks associated with crossing racial barriers. The crossing of barriers was the work of Angelou, her…

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  • The Importance Of Mathematical Predictionss For Hydrogen

    – equation (2 gives info on location of electron in terms of probability density - wave functions are called orbitals – [pic], where E is energy, e2 is electric potential, r is orbital radius and h is Planck’s constant 1925 Wolfgang Pauli – each orbital has only 2 electrons is now explained due to direction of spin of electrons. Spinning electrons create magnetic field. Only 2 electrons of opposite spin in an orbital referred to as Pauli exclusion principle Hund’s rule – half fill…

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  • Analysis Of Plato's Ideal City

    of protection. These Guardians are molded as children where their music, food, and the world around them is monitored and constructed to ensure The Guardians love their city more than themselves. Plato continues on by describing a myth that is the Nobel lie describing the origin of the city to ensure people will fully be convinced of the natural hierarchy in place and therefore will…

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  • John Nash Schizophrenia Case Study

    John Nash is a renowned mathematician most recognized for his theory of equilibrium and life struggle with schizophrenia. A Nobel Prize laureate and quite the living legend, John Nash completed his graduate studies in mathematics at Princeton University (“People and Events: John Nash (1928-),” 1999). He later worked on the faculty at MIT before returning to Princeton as a Professor/researcher (“Big Ideas. Big Thinkers. John Nash,”2003). Though Hollywood is often responsible for depicting mental…

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  • Mahatma Gandhi: An Influential And Inspiring People In The World

    In this essay, I choose Mahatma Gandhi as one of the most influential and inspiring people in the world because of what he had done for humanity, especially in India. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi in Sanskrit means ‘the great soul’. Gandhi was born in Porbandar, Gujarat, India, on October 2nd 1869. He died in New Delhi, India, on January 30th 1948 at the age of 78. He is a spiritual leader and a politician from India. Gandhi was a religious person. He persevered to fight for…

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  • Atheism: An Argument Against Jehovah

    your loved one that has passed away in death due to whatever it may be, in life again; imagine how amazing it will feel, you will cry tears of joy and not of sadness or misery. Your goal should definitely be to do Jehovah’s will, that way you will be present and anxiously waiting for your loved one to come back to life. “In 2010, the number of atheists had fallen to 136,582,200 or 2.0% of the population. The term "atheism" originated from the Greek (atheos), meaning "without god(s)", used as a…

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  • Elie Wiesel Biography

    death, he was set free. After the liberation of the camps in April 1945, Wiesel spent a few years in a French orphanage where he was reunited with his older sisters, Hilda and Bea. It was on the urging of Catholic writer Francois Mauriac, the 1952 Nobel Laureate in Literature, that Elie wrote about his experiences in the death camps. The result was his internationally acclaimed memoir…

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  • President De Klerk

    application to the Cape town High court for an order to intercede the commission from publishing any of its findings against him and he had failed to make a full disclosure about his involvement in the ‘Third Forces’. It is without a doubt inevitable that Nobel peace prize winner Fredrick Willem de klerk was involved in authorizing gross violence in South Africa and that the Cabinet committee and security forces were involved in provoking violence inside South Africa between the two political…

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  • Social Factors Of Diabetes

    Introduction Diabetes mellitus describes a group of metabolic diseases characterized by elevated blood glucose or hyperglycemia. High levels in glucose levels can lead to significant morbidity and premature mortality. Diabetes is considered as seventh leading cause of death in the United States. At present, about 171 million people in the world have been diagnosed with Diabetes, and it is estimated that the number is going to be double by the year 2030. In the U.S. alone, the number of people…

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  • United Nations Research Paper

    be in charge of world peace and security. There are 15 members, five of whom are permanent with veto power. The permanent members are the victors of World War II (UK, US, China, France, and Russia). In 1950, the United Nations won the first of nine Nobel Peace Prizes. The UN has done a lot to improve our society, but there is still a lot to…

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