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  • The Mandela Effect

    To begin my presentation I'm going to give everyone a piece of paper. On that paper can everyone please draw the kit kat logo. Draw it completely from memory, do not look it up. What did you draw? Some of you probably drew it with the dash, like this. And the rest of you most likely drew it without the dash. But which way is the right way? (pause for dramatic effect) the right way is without the dash. This is just one example of the Mandela effect. The breakdown, first I’m going to talk about…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Herrington Home

    pathos, and logos. The advertisement uses the rhetorical appeal of pathos, for example, the background presents a beautiful picture of a large home in a nice neighborhood. The advertisement is large covering a half page, attracting more attention. It is visually appealing, and the company uses a comforting tone to…

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  • Mlk Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay

    very persuasive in his writings and speeches, and I believe that many of them came off as more of an emotional appeal, or patho, over logical (logo), to convince the public to stand up for Civil Rights. Between King’s “I Have a Dream,” speech, and his “Letter From Birmingham Jail,” letter, the recurring theme of patho appeal shows up more frequently than logo appeal does. Throughout Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s speech of “I have a Dream,” he uses a lot of emotion, and phrases so rich in words…

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  • How Pepsi Is Affecting America

    section. All my satire examples share a common idea of causes affecting America. This image reveals the logo of Pepsi. Besides it it shows how the illustrator manipulated this image by adding a head at the top of the Pepsi logo and small arms. Therefore, it's trying to make the viewers understand Pepsi will cause you to be overweight. This picture has some irony because the figure on the Pepsi logo is holding a Pepsi in his hand. The irony continues when you observe closely and noticed that he…

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  • Three Cups Of Fiction Rhetorical Analysis

    One of his technique to establish logos is by borrowing native language. For example, “Allah Akbhar” (Mortenson and Relin 20), is purposeful use of the local language instead of English to position himself in the reality and make it more convincing.By citing statistics such as , “They were…

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  • Declaration Of Independence Rhetorical Devices

    Jefferson uses repetition in the opening lines in order to appeal to logos which contributes to the persuasiveness of the document. The document begins by using logos to appeal to the audience. It states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident:...” (line 8). This line elicited feelings of logic and reason among the audience. It used logic to appeal to the public that what was to be said throughout the rest of the Declaration of Independence would solely be out of reason and obviously stated,…

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  • Sanford Ungar The New Liberal Arts Analysis

    into consideration in his article, "The New Liberal Arts." In the article, Ungar gives seven common misconceptions about the study of liberal arts and then refutes the misconceptions and explains why they are misconceived using ethos, pathos, and logos. Ungar is using appeals of logic, credibility, and emotion to sway his audience to believe that even though it is thought that the study of liberal arts for this reason or that one; studying liberal arts is actually a great idea and would take he…

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  • APA Reflection Essay

    equality with all of their students. I did not use a lot of pathos throughout my paper and I feel that is a good thing. If too much pathos is used, then the paper is full of too much emotion. I think I did a pretty good job of balancing the use of ethos, logos, and pathos throughout my argumentative essay. One thing I feel that my paper lacks is the use of good transitions. When I wrote my rough draft for the in class peer review, I had zero transitions in my paper. After I received some…

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  • Native American Team Names

    to participate in a half time show four decades ago. The name and the efforts to keep it show a lack of connection with the times. It might have been okay so many years ago to use this team name, but nowadays it is about respecting everybody. This logo and team name completely miss the mark on that. They would rather keep with all of the same old ways than getting not only with the times, but to the point of basic human respect by not naming a team the color of skin for an entire group of people…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Adhd

    reliability within the sites’ proclamations. Formally, these appeals are recognized as logos, ethos, and pathos- all influences used to reach people needing information on ADHD. The CDC’s Web page titled Facts about ADHD successfully emphasizes logical evidences (logos), followed by emotions (pathos), as well as credibility (ethos).…

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