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  • Descriptive Essay On Video Games

    morning. As a young kid little did I know about the world of art, graphics, storyboards, and all the other things associated with video games. When my cousin came home from school it was his duty to entertain me and one day he introduced me to his Nintendo 64. Yup, one of the greatest video gaming consoles of all time that introduced 3-D games. This whole new world enticed me at the moment I picked up that controller and started to move Mario around on the screen, or even battle with my…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On Abandonment

    something that could destroy someone or help build and shape them. Growing up seemed pretty normal, until looking back and thinking about everything that has happened in the past as an adult. Childhood consisted of eating cereal and playing Mario on my Nintendo 64. Mom and Dad got hitched, due to my arrival, when they were only seventeen. All seemed well. I saw a lot of fighting and bickering, but was pretty absorbed with playing video games or watching Adult Swim. My dad left a few years later…

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  • Video Games Are Good For People?

    comprehension, as well as several other benefits. A study conducted by a group of German researchers helped get a better understanding of how our brains are affected by video games. In the study 23 adults, about 25 years of age to played "Super Mario 64" for half an hour a day for two months. The control group were told to not to play video games at all during this time. When examining the participants’ brains with an MRI machine, it was found that the group that had played games had a rise in…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Quest Of Reading And Writing

    Writing is a creative process and is without a doubt one of the greatest forms of art. To a writer a word is like the paint that an artist uses to decorate their canvas. While lacking any true meaning on its own, once it is blended and used in union with other words it can end up creating a masterpiece that spurs the imagination and inspires thought. As a kid I always was in awe by the power of words and their ability to make a story and make me feel like the worlds they spoke of actually…

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  • Essay On Hippie Culture

    Throughout the numerous decades in society the perception of coolness has constantly been changing. This is evident through how certain fashions trends, forms of media, and a plethora of many other things come and go. I believe certain world events, influential people, as well the emergence of new technology drastically affects one’s perception of what is cool and what is trending. We will start off in the 60’s where the emergence of hippie culture occurred. During the 1960’s The Cold War was…

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  • Baby Boomers Vs Millennials

    Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. “Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person 's character lies in their own hands.” - Anne Frank. Growing up, I always heard stories about how someone did something wrong and then they talk about the way they were brought up. I would see on the news about a man who committed a murder, the news then tries to bring his family into it and place blame on them for his actions. Yes, I think the way you…

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  • Background Of My Life Essay

    This is the background of my life…. For the most part My first memory is when my dad took my sister and I to the park. I was in a stroller looking at a lake and it started to rain, that’s all that I really remember but it’s a good memory. Looking back at this it sounds kind of somber, but I don’t know I guess it’s because things were so simple and untampered when I was little. Whenever I look back it makes me happy, but unfortunately there were plenty of stuff that brought me sorrow as a kid.…

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  • Short Summary: Are Video Games Good For You?

    Are Video Games Good For You? Not many people understand the benefits of video games, because those people have never played them. Some get frustrated when playing, but frustration just requires one to learn how to play. Each game is different and requires different skills, some are reflex, memory, problem solving, or simply role playing games. Video games have been on a slow incline throughout the years. With popularity rising developers have produced better graphics, stories, and gameplay by…

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  • I Want To Miss A Thing Analysis

    While my parents traveled to and from work everyday, there were a couple of songs they may have heard quite often due to their popularity. If they happened to be listening to the radio when I was born, they more than likely heard the number one song “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith (“Birthday No #1.”), which won the MTV Movie Award for Best Song from a Movie (“Aerosmith Awards.”). Diane Warren, the songwriter, became nominated for an Oscar for the Best Music from an Original Song,…

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