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  • Suicide In Celeste Ng's Everything I Never Told You

    Suicide is the act of causing one's own death. According to, “Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for 15 to 24-year-olds and 2nd for 24 to 35-year-olds”. Through the use of Lydia's death and the Lee family's reaction, The book Everything I Never Told You, by Celeste Ng shows both the reasons for a young person's suicide and how the act affects the people closest to them. Additionally, throughout the book, the youngest daughter Hannah is a background character who is shown…

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  • Analysis Of Siegfried Sassoon's Poem Attack

    “Attack”, by Siegfried Sassoon, effectively represents a vivid and graphic view of the apathy of war by divulging into the minds of the soldiers, giving a more personal view to his poem. There are many such instances in which Sassoon’s clever diction. Instead of the norm of authors of his time, Sassoon did not emphasize the dramatics of war during the battle; he accentuated the pre-war stage. Firstly, Sassoon divulges into the fears of the soldiers. He does this by construing a grave scene.…

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  • Themes Of Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

    regular and controlled) juxtaposes the complex message behind it; how even though everyone knows that death is inevitable, they should fight against it. The refrains are both used in the last stanza, with full-stops at the end of each, forming a rhyming couplet to emphasize that that stanza contains the main message of the poem; how important it is for him that his father continues to ‘rage against’ death. The rhyme scheme is traditional, and each stanza features two quatrains of rhymed iambic…

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  • Importance Of Legacy

    Legacy, by Chittister, is an article explaining the importance of the “Legacy” you leave behind, post mortal. The article begins with a brief description of what was once known as “leaving a legacy” and what most people today believe is leaving a legacy behind. Today, most people believe that leaving behind money, land, or even a business to an heir or love one, is what it means to leave behind a legacy. This can be nothing but further from the truth. Monetary goods can easily be wasted or…

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  • Should Explicit Attitudinal Measures Be Replaced?

    Should Explicit Attitudinal Measures Be Replaced With Implicit Measures of Attitude? The World Health Organization has calculated that over 800,000 people die annually on a global scale as a result of suicide, and those aged 15 to 29 are at a higher risk. (World Health Organization, 2012). An attitude is "a psychological tendency that is expressed by evaluating a particular entity with some degree of favor or disfavor." (Eagly & Chaikan, 1993, pp. 1). If a person’s attitude corresponds very…

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  • Essays Against Euthanasia

    they foresee the difficulties this child will face? No, they do not have those rights, and neither should anyone else have the right to end his or her life. Euthanasia is a procedure that should be banned from our society. God controls life and death; no human should try and take this kind of power into his own hands. Playing God is not something that is morally correct; however, people do not want to die as a vegetable. They would like to die with dignity and euthanasia gives them this…

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  • Process Essay: The Journey Of Growing Old

    The Journey of Growing Old The American writer Betty Friedan once said: "Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength." It was interesting to have the opportunity of interviewing someone in the late adulthood stage because it gave me insights to understand my mother and the challenges she may be facing during her journey of growing old. The person I interviewed for this paper is a white male age 58 named Wayne. Wayne was born in Seattle, Washington. He was raised in a…

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  • Help Me Die !: Physician Assisted Suicide

    refuse or discontinue medical care. They are similar in the simple fact that a doctor has the obligation to save someone’s life, but the patients does not allow the doctor to do his job and both result in death. It is not right to allow someone to refuse treatment and to die an excruciating death when they can legally die a hastened one at their choice. This might appear to be a punishment to someone who is offered help. However, what if there was no help and you were bound to die at some point,…

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  • Death In Emily Dickinson's Poetry

    of Emily Dickinson’s poems that death is important to Dickinson. Out of the thousands of poems Dickinson wrote, about 600 of them are concerned with the theme of death. The reason why the theme death is so important to Dickinson remains a topic for criticism and debate. Among these 600 many of them are her best loved and critically acclaimed poems, for example, “I felt a Funeral, in my Brain,” “I Heard a fly buzz—when I Died,” and “Because I Could not Stop for Death,” are just a few of the…

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  • Euthanasia In America

    For example, the U.S. can look at the failures of other countries to see why Euthanasia/assisted suicide may pose a problem. Deaths caused by Euthanasia is on the rise which isn’t much of a problem. The fact that many of the deaths were not approved by the patient or the situation did not legally qualify for the option of euthanization is where the problem starts. Even on the opposing side, their main argument is based on morals…

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