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  • Were Watching God Motifs

    In the book, Their Eyes Were Watching God, there are many of Motifs in the story in the community, the different races and racism, and lastly in folklore and religion. In this prompt I will be going over the motifs in the communities. For example, in the beginning of the story, it starts as Janie in her childhood living with her grandmother (nanny) and living with her cousins. One day Janie realizes she is a colored person and she is treated differently, even in her childhood because all the…

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  • Motif Of Power In The Interlopers By Saki

    of a feud between two, blood thirsty landowners. His purpose was to demonstrate that because the landowners were so concerned with being more powerful, they did not see the dangers at hand. He uses the setting, theme, tone, and syntax to show the motif of power to his adult readers. Saki utilizes the setting of his short story to disclose the theme of man over man. The land that the two main characters, Ulrich and Georg, were battling over, “was not remarkable for the game it harbored or…

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  • The Motif Of Marriage In Sophocles Antigone

    The Motif of Marriage in Antigone In Ancient Greece, marriage was a process of objectifying women and this paradigm was often incorporated into women’s personal lives. Not only was marriage legally regulated to a degree, but it was additionally seen as a business transaction with the groom’s family paying the bride’s family for the young woman, demonstrating the materialization of the marriage process towards females. Women were given a price value and no say in their participation in the…

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  • Motifs And Symbols In Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

    Motifs and symbols are two different types of literary elements that Shakespeare tends to use to display the development of a theme. A motif is an object or idea that repeats throughout a piece of literature while a symbol is an object or action to represent something else. Motifs tend to show up more in the literary piece while symbols occur maybe once or twice during the entire piece. Hamlet has multiple motifs and also a few symbols to tie to the main theme of the play. The major theme in the…

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  • The Faith Motif In Life Of Pi

    The Faith Motif in Life of Pi Throughout history, innumerable lives have been lost at the hands of religion. Religion and faith have always been integral factors of society dating back to earlier civilizations. Religious believers operate on the inherent basis that their chosen belief is superior to all other religions creating tears in the fabric of the human race which is shown throughout the novel, Life of Pi. Throughout his endeavor, the main character, Pi Patel discovers unifying elements…

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  • Motifs In Richard Wright's Black Boy

    hanging through different literary features. When Richard’s mom asks him to end her suffering, Richard begins contemplating his life and his character. The motif of connecting, with other and groups, expresses Richard’s change of ideals. As Richard matured, he connected and wanted to connect with minorities like himself. One of the connecting motifs that shows Richard's attempt to connect with white people at his mother’s restaurant. He says that, “Toward evening my mother would take hot dishes…

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  • Motifs In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    The reader will have only the major motifs, and after motifs is the part of symbols. This part represents things used within the story that stand for or represented something important in character’s life. And there comes conclusion, This is a part that ties up the whole development of this paper,…

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  • Gothic Motifs In Bram Stoker's Dracula

    In the gothic novel Dracula there are many gothic motifs. Gothic motifs are images that show up in other gothic stories. For example, in most gothic stories there are stormy nights, full moons, spooky castles, wolves, bats, horses and carriages, cobwebs, etc. From Dracula, the four things that show up most in other stories are the spooky castle, the stormy nights, blood, and carriage rides. The first motif noticed in Dracula is the carriage ride in the evening. This shows up in other gothic…

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  • Motif Of Darkness In A Tale Of Two Cities

    Symbolism/Motif Essay One may never fathom the concept of what unpretentious darkness is until one has encountered torment. Humanity needs to comprehend that authentic agony can only be acquired once sanity and clarity have been over casted by the monsters that flourish within our cravings. In the novel A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens vividly captures the blood-stained terror and upheaval of the tumultuous epoch of the French Revolution. The motif of darkness assists the context in A Tale…

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  • Motifs In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

    romance tale and is an incredibly well-known story. This story combines an abundance of folklore motifs and one motif that is used repeatedly is the color green. The color green is said to represent a number of things from nature to death and also to the devil. The tale enforces many Christian beliefs and is the beginnings of chivalry and honor. This color seems to be some of the most important motifs within the story representing a wide array of things. In this paper, I will examine the meaning…

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