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  • Kantha Case Study

    (Embroidered Quilt), 19th century, depicted with horse, tiger, elephant, peacock Source: Figure 8: Various animal motifs like horse, elephants are embroidered on it. Detail of the corner of a kantha, Faridpur District, 2nd half of the 19th century, Kramrisch Collection, PMA; Source: Figure9: Kantha Depicting peacock motif, second half of 19th century, Source: Figure10: Kantha with steam transportation, ghat, mansion, and market,…

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  • How Does Heart Of Darkness Grotesque Effect

    effect is its motif of darkness. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad creates a dark and inescapable effect through its use of horrific imagery and its motif of darkness. The story’s imagery adds to the overall dark effect of the novella by presenting a grotesque setting. The fact that Marlow…

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  • Death Of A Salesman Illusion Vs Reality

    argue that the idea of illusions contradicting the reality of Willy Loman is portrayed with the help of three motifs; the stockings, Ben, and the flute. Firstly, the motif of stockings, a representation of Willy's affair and the resultant guilt, creates the theme of reality vs. illusions. The stockings are identified as a motif…

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  • The Power Of Silence And Isolation In Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome

    literature use motifs, recurring themes, literary devices, and ideas, to enhance their books. For example, Edith Wharton repeatedly uses motifs to highlight important pieces in her novella. Specifically, Wharton involves the motifs man as a victim of fate, snow and cold, and the power of silence and isolation to create greater meaning in Ethan Frome. Undoubtedly, the motif man as a victim of fate shows up repeatedly to add depth to Edith Wharton’s short novel.…

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  • Examples Of Weather In Macbeth

    tension to a scene, than weather. Any reader can think of at least one story that uses weather as a motif. A great example of this motif would be in William Shakespeare's Macbeth, where the weather becomes a crucial indicator of misfortune. An example of this motif would be the bad weather that occurred when Duncan was murdered in the story of The Tragedy of Macbeth. The reader can see this motif in the following scene: “The night has been unruly. Where we lay, our chimneys were blown down, and…

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  • Courtly Love Or Woman As Things Character Analysis

    Modernizing a Medieval Motif In Courtly Love, or Woman as Things, Slavoj Žižek addresses the idea that “the tradition of [the] Lady as the inaccessible object is alive and well in our century” (2413). In The Hunger Games, the character Peeta exemplifies the knight within the courtly love motif but with a modern twist. Peeta, who is in love with the unattainable Katniss, pursues her despite the fact that her heart already belongs to another. A love triangle forms among the characters Katniss,…

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  • Symbolism In The Secret Life Of Bees

    destruction of a community. However, when two or more races learn to accept each other and live peacefully, it leads to the complete unification of all. As shown through the lens of many poets and authors, motifs are very helpful in explaining a universal theme or idea. Sue Monk Kidd uses motifs brilliantly throughout her story The Secret Life of Bees to portray the negative effects of racial discrimination through the lens of a 14 year old white girl who feels marginalized by society. Because,…

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  • Creation Myth Research Paper

    out as nothing. From the Greeks to the Cheyenne, every myth was different. Certain myths had only one god or creator, and others had more than one creator. The three most common motifs that I have seen are starting from Chaos, creating humans from organic materials, and multiple attempts to create humans. Motif #1 Chaos First, nearly all cultures used Chaos to start out their Myths. For example, the Egyptian, Yoruban, Hindu, Judeo-Christian, Babylonian, Norse, Chinese, Incan, Mayan, Inuit…

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  • The Resolution In Hamlet

    The resolution of a story in literature is what brings the story to a close. After the climax and some additional falling action, the resolution is when the problems are solved, the motifs are resonated, and the story draws to a conclusion. Resolution in literature is one of the most significant devices of a story, but storytelling and writings are different throughout the world, and therefore so are the devices within. In Western literature, the resolution most often means a happy ending for…

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  • Assignment 3: CS696 Programming Problems In Bioinformatics

    Assignment-3: CS696 Programming Problems in Bioinformatics. Describe and discuss different approaches for finding motif in genetic string. Introduction: DNA, RNA and Proteins, these are three types of very large molecules essential for every living organism, for their biological functioning. Each molecule, DNA, RNA and Protein, play a vital role in living organisms, without them no life could survive. Let’s understand functionality one by one: • DNA consists of encoded instructions which are…

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