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  • The Westminster System

    guidelines with “merit-based criteria”, that also permits applications from the general public. The goal, it appears, is to one day have the Senate be filled with members that are selected through a process that is not directly linked to the Prime Minister so that there can be no affiliation to any party…

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  • Evaluate The Effectiveness Of A Semi-Presidential System

    not create any distrust between state and citizen and therefore can make the process of legislation to produce quickly with ease. France is still making strides to devolve more power to the lower levels, but it seems now that the role of the Prime Minister is to balance and maintain the assurance of both the executive and…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Semi-Presidentialism

    Depending on who is the president and who is the prime minister, there are three iterations that can occur: presidency with a figure head, presidentially dominated system, and true dualism. The true advantage to Semi-Presidentialism is this true dualism: when the president and prime minister carry out executive functions parallel to each other. However, this works only if the two leaders are politically aligned. If we find…

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  • The French Monarchy

    in France the Parliament contains the National Assembly and the Senate, whereas in Britain the Parliament contains the House of Commons and the Senate. In France the President is elected by popular vote of the citizens whereas in Britain the Prime Minister is elected through the majority party in the House of Commons and appointed by the Monarch. In France it is more of a participant rule whereas in Britain it is participant and subject rule. Britain has had a lot less political uprisings then…

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  • Judicial Review Essay

    British Parliament has developed through somewhere in the range of three hundred years of history. In Britain, it can be the main institution which practices sovereign forces and on which there are no restrictions in light of the fact that there is no written constitution. In Indian system, there is a written constitution and authorities and powers of each organ of Government and each functionary are just as characterized and delimited by the constitutional archive. The strength of Parliament…

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  • Cabinet: The Most Powerful Constitutional Body

    Prior to MMP a Prime Minister could dominate Cabinet and control the nation as a whole. for example, Fitzgerald Muldoon dominated cabinet and the national caucus, which almost led to a constitutional crisis in New Zealand in 1976. Under MMP Parties are allocated seats in parliament…

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  • Difference Between Parliamentary Democracy And Presidential Democracy

    officer, the prime minister, is often aligned with the political party of the majority in the house. The prime minister has similar roles in the government as the US’ president, but leads the legislative branch and does not have term restrictions. A prime minister and his cabinet can serve for as long the House of Commons thinks they are able, or the majority party no longer has the…

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  • Australia Holiday

    Australia is a large and relatively dry continent located on the Oceania, which is a continent between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. It is also the flattest continent on Earth with an average elevation of 985 feet; this is one of the primary reasons that the annual rainfall is thinly dispersed and scattered – approximately 16.5 inches. On top of that, 40% of the surface gets less than 10 inches per year, with annual evaporation exceeding annual rainfall on more than three fourth…

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  • Triple E Senate Case Study

    The “Triple E Senate” model will be proposed as a viable tool for Senate reform, stressing the importance of an elective, effective, and equal Senate. The history of the Senate will first be analysed to demonstrate the superfluous nature of the chamber in a twentieth-century democracy. The following paragraph will then examine the Senator appointment process, arguing in the defence of an elected senate. Following that, the effectiveness of the Senate will be criticized proving a lack of…

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  • Purpose Of Government

    functioning democracy. The reason behind this is because scrutiny and accountability makes a good government. “There are currently fifty-six parliamentary systems in the world.” (Newton, 2010) In a parliamentary system, the prime minister is not directly elected. Usually the “prime minister or chancellor forms a cabinet usually chosen from members of parliament, and the cabinet then forms the core of government.” (Newton, 2010) The…

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