Meniscal cartilage replacement therapy

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  • Setbacks In College

    Overcoming the obstacles in my life would have disrupted anyone’s college experience. Instead of letting life beat me, I decided to use these setbacks as fuel to reach a higher level, improve myself and get my dream job. My competitive drive has helped me trudge forward through these tough times. A typical recovery time for an injury like mine takes approximately nine months to reach full-recovery and to be cleared for competition. Through my diligence and determination, I was able to play at an NCAA Division 1 level again in less than six. I went to knee rehabilitation twice a day, pushing myself harder with each therapy session while continuing to balance my coursework. I was actually cleared before my teammates who had suffered the same injury and underwent surgery weeks before I did. Throughout this injury process, and with everything else I had to endure in my life, I remained determined. I will face any challenge I come across and I refuse to stop until I have reached my goals. My competitive drive leads me to victory because I have more perseverance than those around me and always aim do better than I did…

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  • Torn Meniscus Research Paper

    61 in 100,000 people per year (“Meniscal Injuries”). A torn meniscus often happens to athletes, it is a knee injury that can be treated and fully recovered in just a couple of months with the correct medical attention. What is a meniscus tear? What may be the causes of a torn meniscus? How does one know if they have torn their meniscus? What different treatments are available when one has a torn meniscus? A meniscus tear represents a very complex injury that takes the correct diagnosis,…

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