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  • Biston Betularia

    Industrial Melanism of Biston Betularia or the Peppered Moth in England has been a textbook example of natural selection since it was first noticed. Before the industrial revolution the peppered moth was most commonly found in the light colored Typica variety. During the industrial revolution there was a significant rise in the dark Carbonaria form and a slight rise in the intermediate Insularia form. Beginning in 1970 the Typica variety has been rising in frequency again. Carbonaria went from an estimated 95% of the population down to 5%.(Cook et al 1986) This change has been assumed to be caused by increased predation on moths that did not blend into the bark of trees (Cook et al 2012). Before the industrial revolution the trees were light…

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  • Natural Selection And Descent With Modification: Theories Of Evolution

    the dominated phenotype. Making moths with the melanic phenotype to be visible to predators decreasing the population of peppered moths and resulting in lighter colored moths have a higher survive rate. References 1. Bolnick D.I. Richardson J.L. Skelly D.K. Urban M.C. Microgeographic adaptation and the spatial scale of evolution. Trends in ecology and evolution. 2014;29(3):165-176 2. Brakefield P.M. Cook L.M. Rousset F. Saccheri I.J. Watts P.C. Selcetion and gene flow on a…

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  • Natural Selection And Variation: Polar Bear, Peppered Moth

    some black spots on light grey wings. Because of the pollution from the factory, those forest they living in become darker. This change led to increase the proportion of black peppered moths. That is because those grey moths in pollution environmental are visible and easy to pick up. But those dark moths are not easy to found because of their body colour. So most of them survived. Because of that, the number of black peppered moths increased. And the number of grey peppered decreased. The…

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  • Black Panther Characteristics

    Its teeth are pointed and its ears are cup-shaped. Its claws are extremely sharp. Chapter 3: Black Panther’s Color The black fur of a panther is cause by a genetic mutation called melanism. A black jaguar can give birth to either black or spotted cubs, but normal jaguars can onlyhave regular spotted cubs. A Chapter 3: Black Panther’s Meal The black panther is a carnivore. It usually hunts at night to prey on medium to large sized animals such as deer, wild boar, and antelope. It also…

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  • Darwin And Dinosaurs Exhibit At MOSH Museum

    allows their neck to extend longer so they can reach higher vegetation. Their front limbs are also a bit longer, which allows the saddle-shaped tortious to stand up straighter. I think it’s really cool to learn about how these tortious evolved to better obtain resources depending on the vegetation on the islands. I found the interactive “Hungry Birds” moth game to be the most surprising exhibit. It was a really good way of changing a scientific study into a game that kids enjoy. The game,…

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