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  • Kant's Objection To Kantian Ethics

    Kant’s maxims, his view on good will and also and also will be discussing the FEI and treating humanity merely as a means, also will be discussing his views on reason vs. desire. With these reasons come objections can refute his belief by stating good points, this objection is the murderer at the door. Even though there are objection to Kantian ethics I will respond to these objections in such a way that Kant would respond to anyone with these objections. Therefore because of Kant’s maxims, his…

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  • Kant's Ethical Theory Of Ethics

    motive of self-interest. From his view, any action done from self-interest are taken to be prudent rather than moral. Categorical imperative differed from the view of the maxim to greater extent. Maxim uses the majority and the practice of act to justify the morality even if the action goes against the right of others. According to Maxim, the morality of an action can only be determined by its practice. Assessing the consequences that may result from the action is key in such cases. Categorical…

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  • John Stuart Mill First Principle

    this essay; that is to say, not only how one arrives at a first principle, but also how such a starting point influences the maxims and behaviors those who adhere…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Deontology

    it looks like the drug dealers are morally permissible because if we only use the categorical imperative, without there maxim, one would think that they are being moral. We would want everybody to take care of the people in their neighborhood, but as we see that is not morally permissible because deontology is built around the maxim of the individual. The drug dealer’s maxim is not to make their people happy, but instead it is so that the dealers can move up a rung on the ladder. They are using…

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  • Mill Vs Kant

    The unconditional "absoluteness" of Kant 's moral judgements can creates a problem in instances of conflicting rules, or maxims. When deontological theory is applied to an instance of two conflicting absolute rules, such as 'should lie to protect an innocent man, ' it offers no clearly ethical answer. In Kantian theory 'do not lie ' and 'do not let innocent people die '…

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  • Hartford Civic Center Case Summary

    Universal Law Formulation states: “act only on those maxims by which you can at the same time will to be a universal law. So in order for an act to be moral, it must go through the process of willing. The first step is create a personal maxim. For this case, the personal maxim would be “when I am faced with the decision to save money on a project or do a thorough job, I will always choose to save money”. Then this personal maxim needs to become a general maxim, “when one is faced with the…

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  • Placebos In Medical Practice

    deceive as a means to an end. If everyone was deceitful, even if for the greater good, trusting relationships might become impossible, because good faith would be lost. Thus, the maxim, deceive as a means to an end, is a contradiction in conception; the deception then, would never be believed in a world in which the maxim of this action was a universal law of nature. If a world exists in which everyone deceives when they feel it’s necessary, the physician might not be so willing to be deceptive…

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  • Ethical Dilemmas In Dentistry Essay

    Dentistry is a very intriguing field that combines a professional health service with a business structure for compensation. All dentists are put into a position where there is a conflict of interests. This is due to the fact that they are in the position to gain financially from their professional recommendations. As a result, both the dentist and the patient are beneficiaries of the provided dental care. Within this structure, there can arise many ethical dilemmas. It is therefore the…

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  • The Jedi Order

    Temple of The Jedi Order as a Religious Cult Colorful lightsabers and old Yoda may be among the first things one thinks of when they hear about the Temple of the Jedi Order. To the members of the First International Church of Jediism, however, the Temple holds much more importance and its teachings are far more serious than outsiders may imagine. Those both inside the church and outside the church may have doubts on whether the Jedi Order is a true religion or not. More importantly than if a…

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  • Rebecca Alfred Hitchock Analysis

    in love with a brooding aristocratic widower, Maxim de Winter. They get married and move into his estate called Manderley but while there the new bride begins to feel paranoia and fear caused by the memories and presence of Mr de Winter’s first wife Rebecca brought to surface through her loyal and trusted housekeeper Ms Danvers. The film ends with the discovery that Rebecca and Maxim’s marriage was built upon a lie and Rebecca in fact had cancer. Maxim killed her and dumped her boat and body in…

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