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  • Kant's Obligation Analysis

    is, therefore, only one categorical imperative. It is: Act only accruing to that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law” (Korsgaard 314). For Kant, the categorical imperative serves as a decision procedure to determine if one’s action is morally right. To use the categorical imperative, one must first identify the maxim of one’s action. Second, one must universalize that maxim, and finally, one must then look for a contradiction between the two. If…

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  • Kant On Morality

    “Kant argues, that what gives a particular action moral worth is not the kind of action it is, nor the consequences of the action is performed by the psychological maxim motivating that action.”(Bailey, pg. 54) Kant believed that whatever action you do, no matter what your intentions may be in the beginning, and if it is something you would consider moral, it has no moral worth. Kant…

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  • Kant And Individualism

    is in fact moral, the intention, or maxim, envisioned by a person, should be willing to make it a universal law of nature. To be a universal law of nature, the maxim is both universally valid and universally followed. There are no exceptions and “no conditions to which it is restricted.” If an individual were to imagine a world where everyone completes an action according to their maxim, and they are subsequently dissatisfied with the outcome, then their maxim, and most likely their action, is…

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  • Individual Duty Ethics Case Study: Volkswagen Diesel Vehicles

    for one-self. When a person acts, it is through a maxim. A maxim is a subjective principle that governs a person’s actions. The act is only moral if the maxim seems to pass the test of the categorical imperative. The categorical imperative test consists of making the maxim in question to become a universal law by which everyone acts. Thus, if the maxim produces either a contradiction in conception or in the will when universalized, then the maxim fails the test. Rule utilitarianism is similar to…

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  • Quirke's Reputation In Rebecca De Winter And Christine Falls

    The difference the Judge telling Quirke the truth and Maxim telling the narrator the truth is that the Judge doesn’t need to gain Quirke’s trust, and he doesn’t seem too intent on it. Rebecca was of the same social class as Maxim, and he needs to gain the trust of his new wife so that he can have her on his side in a trial. Because Christine Falls was not seen as important by the rest of society, the Judge doesn’t see Quirke’s knowledge as quite as much of a threat. The church already knows that…

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  • Mike Figliuilo Analysis

    • Maxim: Cast a spell on me through mirror. For me, encouraging to myself is most important than the other people encourage me. So, I cast a spell on me in front of mirror, and encourage me to face my self. I had thought when the others compliment me I could be accountable. Thus, I had tried to get compliment from others, but I was always thirsty even though I got lots of compliment. Thankfully, I found why I kept thirsty when I had taking a counselor class, in particular about inner child…

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  • Immanuel Kant Categorical Imperative

    outlined for the categorical imperative. The first speaks in terms of universality, and instructs to act in such a way that your maxim could become universal law. The second focuses in terms of the purpose and states that rational beings are ends in themselves. The third explains in terms of a complete social system and requires one to act in such a way that his or her maxim could be law in the theoretical utopia, the “kingdom of…

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  • Injuria And Tort-Feaser

    Damnum sine injuria and Injuria sine damnum are two maxims in the law of tort relating to the concept of legal damage. These two maxims define what and what not a legal damage is. The maxims are, thus, central to our understanding of what constitutes a legal damage. As we know, only in case of a legal damage, there is a legal remedy to repair the said damage primarily by way of compensation, which is called damages. Such damages are awarded by a court of competent jurisdiction to the victim and…

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  • Brittany Maynard Decision Making

    Not only was Maynard treating herself merely as means, but also her maxim cannot become a universal law of nature. However, the argument does not take into account the situational view of Maynard’s decision making. Kant’s universal law formula applies to all cases alike, thus treats Maynard’s voluntary act of death as an…

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  • Ethical Issues With Personalized Medicine

    Sequencing the human genome and interpreting the biomarkers have tremendously increased the field of medicine. Personalized medicine merges a patient’s genotype, physiology, and their predicted outcome to create a plan specialized for their condition this can include pharmaceuticals that are specially made for a particular set of nucleotide bases in DNA (Patel et al., 2013). Patients have legal rights to decide whether or not their health information is kept private (Ghosh, 2012). The issue with…

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