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  • Élisabeth-Louise Vigée-Lebrun: Neoclassical

    (May, 1). Spanning a long career with over 600 paintings, Vigée-LeBrun is “characterized” and marveled “…as the much sought-after portraitist of not only European royalty and nobility, but also of notable personalities in the arts and letters of her time” (May, 1). Accomplishing an early start in her career, Vigée-LeBrun, at the age of fifteen, she was already supporting her recently widowed mother and younger brother through her portrait paintings (NMWA, web).…

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  • Man With Pipe Analysis

    Man with Pipe The artist that created this painting was Jean Metzinger. Metzinger was born in Nates in 1883. He then settled in Paris in 1903, where he stayed for the remainder of his life later dying in 1956. The Painting by Jean Metzinger that I have chosen is “Man with Pipe.” This painting uses Cubism in a very unique way to better capture the viewer’s eyes. The painting is very sharp in color and uses many different colors all throughout the painting. There are many triangles and…

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  • Art Analysis: American Gothic By Grant Wood

    parodies I choose American Gothic by Grant Wood. The painting is one of the most recognizable and even people who do not know of the original will probably recognize one of the many versions of this painting. I think this is a great work of art for the simple fact that so much is going on in such a simple picture. The expressions on the faces and the posture they have. What are they thinking, why are they not both staring at the artist painting them. Is the man a farmer? The answer is no, he is…

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  • Comparison Of Robert Henri's Life And Work

    He felt it to be the right moment for his nation to seek out fresh, less genteel subjects. The paintings by Henri, Sloan, Glackens, Luks, Shinn, and others of their acquaintance that were inspired by this outlook eventually came to be called the Ashcan School of American art. These painters began attracting public and gained immense popularity. Being…

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  • Analysis Of Claude Debussy's La Mer

    When Claude Debussy composed his piece, La Mer (Movement II, Play of the Waves) between 1903 and 1905, he found inspiration in Katsushika Hokusai’s artwork, The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Because the song is based off of artwork, one with expect for it to be programmatic, and it meets those expectations. The title, La Mer, is customary for absolute music because it is telling of the idea that will be produced in the music. The music then follows through with the title by audibly depicting the sea…

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  • Joseph Turner's Rockets And Blue Lights

    Joseph Mallord William Turner was an English artist who gained notoriety from his landscape paintings that utilize the dynamic lights that illuminate the scenery he builds. Joseph Turner’s work innovated and popularized landscape painting, which laid the foundation for impressionism to come into prevalence after the Romantic period. This is observed in his painting Rockets and Blue Lights, painted in 1840 with oil on canvas. Rockets and Blue Lights displays a coastal view of the ocean that…

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  • The Large Bathers Analysis

    Demoiselles d’Avignon it is quite evident that these paintings were influenced by Paul Cezanne’s The Large Bathers. All three of these paintings capture an uncertainty and vagueness in their subject matter and what they are trying to convey. Bonhuer de Vivre by Matisse, was one of the first paintings of its kind. He used such vivid and bright colors to exemplify his subjects along with the imbuing of spatial and visual aesthetics. Many say that this painting is idealistic and fantasy like…

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  • Mary Cassatt Analysis

    Mary Cassatt was a renowned American painter who created a famous painting known as “The Letter”. At first glance, it portrayed an older women sitting at a desk simply mailing out a letter. After analyzing the painting for some time, I uncovered more then what was seen at first glance. The painting is very unique and was difficult to interpret in the beginning. When I visually analyzed the painting, I saw an older Japanese woman wearing traditional Japanese attire while sitting at what looks…

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  • Perseus With The Head Of Medusa Analysis

    Emperor Charles VI. Ricci’s main study was in the style of grand manner fresco painting’s (NGA.GOV). His painting Perseus Confronting Phineus with the Head of Medusa was created during the period of the Baroque time. Ricci’s work of art is an oil on canvas painting and has the dimensions of 64.1X77.2 cm. This painting is currently on view at The Getty Center in Los Angeles, CA. This painting is located in the museums south pavilion, gallery section S203 (GettyCenter). When entering The Getty…

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  • Analysis Of The Floor Scrappers By Gustave Caillebotte

    The floor scrapers is an oil painting that was done by Gustave Caillebotte, who was a French Impressionist. The painting measures 40.2 inches by 57.7 inches or 102 by 146.5 centimeters. In the year 1894, the Caillebotte’s family originally gave the painting to Muse du Luxembourg where in was later moved to Muse d’Orsay in Paris in the year 1986. This paper aims at doing thorough conceptual analysis on the painting named “The Floor Scrappers” by Gustave Caillebotte. The young painter…

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