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  • The Relationship Between Conflicts And Emotions

    It is noted that there is a relationship between conflicts and emotions. Some people in the system can cause conflicts due to the feeling that they are more important than others. “Emotion” is another key word in conflicts. Emotions are states of feeling. These can be frustration, joy, or disappointment. These are both intrapersonal and interpersonal phenomena. We feel them inside ourselves and we express them as nonverbal and verbal communication. These can be control but not possible to say…

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  • The Bluest Eye Rhetorical Analysis

    Morrison’s novel, The Bluest Eye, is about the Problem of middle-class people ideas of beauty on a female of an African American girls. Her novel came about after Morrison talked with someone who wanted to have blue eyes, the novel shows a girl, Pecola Breedlove, who wanted love and to be taken into a world that doesn’t care about people of her race. Author Shelley Wong’s in her Article Transgression as Poesis in The Bluest Eye talks about the different ways in which Morrison wrote her novels…

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  • What Is The Upper Class In A Streetcar Named Desire

    A Streetcar named desire was written in 1947, a time period where the working class was rising, becoming more hardworking and working their way up from the bottom, the aristocracy, the upper class, were slowly but inevitably losing their higher status and were having to deal and live with people who were in a lower class than they were. The aristocratic societies were also shunned for being ignorant. Williams has introduced and portrayed the aristocratic women who are, Blanche and Stella in this…

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  • Summary Of Machiavelli's The Republic

    Books of the past can still relate to how society is today. Especially when the book is about political philosophy or political science. Political philosophy is the study of politics, liberty, justice, law, and rights, which leads into why these things are needed, as well as what makes a legitimate government, what rights should or should not be protected and why. Political science is about possessing the knowledge of dealing with systems within a government, the behavior of the government and…

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  • Anthropology In Humanitarian Action

    Anthropology in Humanitarian Action Master in Humanitarian Action and Conflict, Uppsala University, Joana Matos, 850630-T228 Question 1 Discuss the most significant parallels and differences between anthropological knowledge and humanitarian action, and reflect on how anthropologists have critiqued humanitarian practices. In order to answer this question, I will divide it in three different points. Firstly, I will examine the most relevant parallels between anthropological knowledge and…

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  • Flaubert Vs Marxism

    Modernity can be considered as an approach in revolutionizing the Instruments of production, arts, relations and with relations the whole of society wherein an uncertainty and disturbance is attached and felt , in its epochs. Such a burgeoning and exhilarating approach for the Bourgeoisie upliftment is felt during this period, however it is important to note that it is during the modernism era that the works of Ezra Pound, WH Auden, Sartre,Trotsky (to name a few ) came in to the fore who were…

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  • Cultural Dissonance In Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake

    Ashima and Ashoke Ganguli moved to a small town in America shortly after they became husband and wife. Not only was the move a culture shock to Ashima but the idea of assimilating into the American culture was about as foreign as she was. Throughout her novel Lahiri paints the picture of what it was like for a Bengali foreigner to try and hold onto their culture in America. Along with trying to raise a Bengali family surrounded by ever pressing American influence. In the novel The Namesake by…

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  • Pierre Bourdieu's Approach To Class Analysis

    Class is a term that has been subject of analysis for sociologists and anthropologists over years, the aim of this essay is to explore Pierre Bourdieu’s approach to class analysis. A class can be defined as “the fundamental principles of social and cultural difference within a society, the different conditions of life tied up with those differences and the power, struggle and domination invested in them”(Atkinson, 2015: 49). Pierre Bourdieu was mainly concerned with rethinking the concept of…

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  • Lady Auley's Secret Gender Analysis

    The significance of the connection between gender, emotions and normative ideals can be seen throughout nineteenth century British Literature. Ones gender is thought to determine emotional behaviour, as during this period emotions were accustomed by the influence of Society and power, despite both men and women sharing the same emotions (Hansen, Norberg 441). The Victorian period can be particularly associated with the roles and characteristics of men and women becoming more discrete which…

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  • Analysis Of Adrienne Lafrance's The Perils Of Sharenting

    ‘Sharenting’ is defined as the practice of a parent regularly using social media to communicate a lot of detailed information or pictures of their children. Many parents in today’s world are occupied with social media and sharing details about their children’s lives. This practice is putting their children at risk. In Adrienne LaFrance’s article, “The Perils of ‘Sharenting’” she discusses the dangers of this practice. LaFrance asserts, due to a preoccupation with social media, today’s parents…

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