How Does Stereotype Affect Society

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True reality
Today society face different types of problems, but there are some that people never realize how damaging they are to society in general. Society had been changing through the years and the way man and woman are valued had changed too. A stereotype is a mental image very simplified and with few details about a group of people who share certain qualities and skills. The stereotype may be considered "a lower form of thought". Originally a stereotype is a copy taken from a mold, which means that is induced to certain people by different factors. There are many categories in which a person can be stereotype such as sex, race, age, sexual orientation or religion. However, the more outstanding and controversial form is sex. There are
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This problem is bringing more consequences not only in the emotional development of new generations, but it also is generating the extension of new problems like eating disorders, depression, low self-esteem, suicides, etc. For example, every day are more and more young people being affected by the way in which they are influenced by mass media. The media have a huge influence in society. An association found a high increased sexualization in magazines, music lyrics, TV shows and clothing brands. In accordance with the APA each day the value of girls are mainly for their sex appeal and no for their intellectual. Some examples are media imagines or how most of brands want to impose what should be the "ideal body" and encourage girls to do till the impossible to achieve that goal which sometimes creates serious consequences. A good article that talks about how powerful is the media to society is “The Culture of Thin Bites Fiji” which describe how TV manipulates the way people think and decide (502). Ellen Goodman narrates how a culture in Fiji located in the West Pacific where girls had the concept of “big was beautiful, and bigger more beautiful” drastically changed when the first television came to this Island. Before this happened girls seen food as love and blessing. Eating and over eating was normal in this culture. For these girls the word “fat” or “overweight” wasn’t a problem because for them being thin was a normal role. However, everything changed when the first TV came to the Island. It was surprising how this culture took an unexpected turn from thinking that food was all to end in eating disorders. In 1995 Fijians life changed drastically after they started watching different TV shows such as “The girls of Melrose Place”, “Beverly Hills 90210” and “E,R”. This caused rapidly the number of girls with eating disorders to rise to

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