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  • Modular Construction Case Study

    Comparing modular construction with traditional building to see which is better from a financial and flexibility of design perspective: Introduction: I chose this topic because modular homes have been in the news lately as 500 modular homes are being used to battle homelessness in Dublin. I am very interested to see if modular homes are the future for Irish construction and overpower the existing traditional construction methods. I will compare two key elements of building financial and…

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  • Tegal Sari Hotel Case Study

    TITLE Tegal Sari: Affordable Luxury Hotel in Ubud, Bali Surrounded by Paddy Fields LEAD PARAGRAPH Who say luxury is expensive? You always pay for what you get, but that is not the case if you stay at Tegal Sari hotel in Ubud, Bali. This hotel, surrounded by paddy field, claims itself to be a two-star accommodation, but I think the term 'two stars' here doesn't represent its facilities, as what you get here is way more than just the one rated with two stars. In fact, nothing is rated with two…

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  • Aloha Construction Answers

    Aloha Construction Answers: What Problems Should First-Time Home Buyers Look for in a Home? Buying a home is very exciting, but it is not a fast or easy process. One of the first steps after you meet with your real estate agent is to begin touring the homes on the market. When you visit the houses, it’s important to think about things like lot size, neighborhood, and square footage. However, there are many problems to keep an eye out for as well, to prevent getting involved with a home that has…

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  • The Benefits Of Kuwaitis

    local economy, which impacted the prices of real estate. The prices of real estate were increasing for years. However, 2011 witnessed the highest increase in prices. Kuwait Financial House in their Local Real Estate Report (2011) said, “Prices of traded real estate investment increased by 33%”. Also, at this time Islamic banks where again allowed to trade in residential real estate, which highly impacted the real estate prices. The prices of real estate kept increasing until it reached it peak…

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  • Contracting A Real Estate Agent Ripley

    Why not appoint a real estate agent? Contracting estate agents Ripley comes with numerous benefits which include: Education and experience When you employ an agent, you don 't have to worry of knowing everything about purchasing and selling of a property. This is because the agent will see…

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  • Landlord Tenant Law Essay

    make sure he is providing a safe, clean, comfortable, and habitable dwelling that meets the housing code standards. On the other hand, tenants (like Roger) are expected to pay for all the damage incurred on the property during their time occupy at estate. Since the landlord will vouch for the grounds and building making sure that the property is clean, neat, accessible, and in same condition upon the end of his or her rental period. To simplify the economic feature of the end of this residence,…

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  • United Bank Of India Home Loan Case Study

    • United Bank of India Home Loan: Owning a home is a dream of many which can come true with the help of United Bank of India Housing Loan scheme. The loan is offered at attractive rates of interest and minimal associated charges. Purpose: The loan can be obtained for construction, purchase, extension, repairs, renovation, or furnishing of a residential house or apartment. The bank also provides the facility of supplementary finance for the completion of the project through the employer. The…

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  • Unemployment Rate And Unemployment Essay

    Highlighting an interesting topic in the economic sector, Mr. Rick Newman develops a valuable analysis based on the data extracted from the Housing Market Recovery Index (Housing MRI) research project. Using two different charts that belong to the same general data (the market’s leading housing recovery cities and the market lagging housing recovery cities), this economist creates a close relationship between Unemployment Rate and the Average home price change since the housing market bottomed…

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  • Was The Reign Of Terror Justified?

    Was The Reign Of Terror Justified? From 1789 to 1800 a time of revolution took place in France to end monarchy and finally give more power to the people. During the revolution, an era of revolts and many deaths, but also new ideas and extraordinary steps to a much needed government, the era of the Reign of Terror. The bloodiest time in the French Revolution, lead by many people such as Robespierre, an educated man that spoke on the behalf of the people and spread ideas and actions for a better…

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  • Hong Kapong Housing Policy Case Study

    trend of demand for public housing, many young higher education single persons to apply for public housing, the causes is they can’t bear costly private house. The same is the implementation of the public housing system in Singapore, many of the real estate situation is better. Actually Hong Kong people should be superior to Singaporeans, because wages higher than the Singaporeans, but the majority of Hong Kong people's money and energy put on the buying housing, at the end is to live in a small…

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