Residential Home Essay

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Like a manmade artefact, architectural space depends on conventional maintenance operations for perpetuated positive influence on its human inhabitants.
This study fixates on the interior renovation of two Swedish residential homes for dependent elders and it was done by Jonas E. Andersson, a PhD Fellow at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. Both targeted homes were managed by a municipal real estate company for care facilities and all the interior renovations done were limited only to the communal spaces of the two building. The overall aim of the intervention project was to attribute the interior settings with subsidiary quality, which would benefit elderly individuals with functional impairment to find their own way from their respective
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The architectural space was primarily considered for elderly people suffering from functional impairments. Both residential homes were utilized in the year 1993, and none of them has been maintained since. During the time of study, the assistance and eldercare procured at both residential homes were carried out by the City of Gothenburg’s municipal administration for eldercare.
The ERH is a five-story building with 47 dormitories, of which 7 are intended for denizens suffering from dementia and one elevator. The ground floor is intended for housing other persons in desideratum of daily assistance, and the basement contains accommodation areas and transmuting rooms for the building workers.
Meanwhile, the SRH is a single-story building, located in a rural agglomeration some 35 kilometres northeast of Gothenburg, in a low-populated area. This residential home has 20 dormitories and 6 of which are designed for denizens with dementia difficulties. The dormitories are clustered into three units, of which two non-special care units are specially designed for dependent seniors with somatic

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