Social Welfare Essay

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After years of transformation, Hong Kong has become one of the developed regions. The citizens began to pursuit a better quality of life, rather than the basic living standards. The demand for a wider scope of welfare policies grew beyond the society. The provision of social welfare has therefore become an essential element in government administration. The Hong Kong Government has offered social services to different tiers of recipients. There are existing policies aiming at safeguarding social security, retirement protection, ageing population and the disabled individuals. This essay will focus on answering three separate questions.

The writer disagrees with the first statement, which states that the government should not be the prime provider of welfare. Though there is the existence of government failure in resource distribution, it can ensure that the general public who desire for social welfare can obtain it, even they are too costly for an individual to bear with. The society can benefit from it in the long-term. About the second statement, the writer agrees with the view, which
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Once the needy fulfil the requirements, they are eligible to receive the social welfare. Bode (2006) explained the relationship between the social welfare agency and the service recipients in Europe. In Europe there a great deal of social welfare agencies that are based on the foundations of religious/political groups. If the invulnerable individuals do not have faith in that religion or political regime, they are not entitled to the social welfare they organized. Since these agencies have substantial funding from their own groups, they do not rely on government sponsorship and thus independent from the government’s commands. The Governments in Europe do not own authority to require the associations to provide specific type of social

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