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  • Civil Forfeiture Pros And Cons

    of civil forfeiture and that there are protections for people who had their property forfeited. For instance, a judge must approve of a civil forfeiture order, in which a copy is provided to the ACJC (Arizona, n.dc). Lastly, the funds help support crime-tip hotlines, drug-free mentoring programs and adult training programs (Arizona, n.dc). Jim Mann, Executive Director of the AFOOP: The Fraternal Order of Police is a nationwide organization which seeks to help law enforcement’s working…

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  • Gay Marriage Research Paper Topics

    Another point worth to mention here is that the past and current definition of marriage on the books of any state laws in the Union never specified of men and women. For example, the Wex legal dictionary defines marriage as: "The combination of a couple as husband and wife. The basic elements are: (1) both parties have the legal capacity to marry, (2) the consent of both parties, and (3) a marriage contract as the law requires. " The reason for this definition of marriage says nothing about the…

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  • Analysis Of Coca-Cola's Anti-Bribery Policy

    Coca-Cola 's External Technology Assessment and Acquisition (ETA) programs have achieved a broad range of innovations for the company aimed at lowering production costs and maximizing profits (Flynn & Okuonzi, 2016). The company’s 3M Technologies Light Tube Technology creates improved and new lighting for the coolers. The technology is expected to double the company’s chilled space without increasing its carbon footprint. Additionally, it would reduce the coolers’ energy requirements, thereby…

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  • The Internet Debacle: An Argumentative Analysis

    excelled in using quotes. He used the quotes from different people in his paper. One quote in his article that really stuck out to me was a quote by Sonny Bunch that stated, “The purpose of intellectual property created by artists so they are rewarded for their efforts. The purpose of intellectual property law is to punish people who steal that which isn’t theirs.” (661) It gives an overview of what the author’s opinion is towards the subject. Anderson clearly stood on the side of the music…

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  • Consequences Of Plagiarism And Copyright

    paintings, photographs, films and radio programs. This right protects individual rights and economic interests of the author in relation to this work. Partly it speaks also of the intellectual property intellectual property and thus is placed on the physical property protection and intellectual property, but together, but this concept is being fiercely debated. Copyright does not need to be registered and belong to the author when a work is recorded retain at least once on a storage medium.…

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  • Analysis Of The Michigan Education Trust (MET) Policy

    enter college under the MET, he might visit cities and towns to persuade local lawmakers to raise property taxes. Considering that Section 15 of the MET raises the issue of, without subjecting accounts to, property taxation and Section 16 states that “the trust shall also endeavor…to study the feasibility of instituting programs...that insure full tuition payment upon purchase of a prepayment plan,” property tax increases may solidify the policy’s objectives to widen college access by increasing…

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  • Can One Throw Away A Spouse's Possessions Case Study

    and act reasonably and strategically, not impassively. Doing that can keep them far ahead of their spouse and will allow them to come off the better in the separation (Shuman 4). If they and their ex can work together rationally to divide up your property and sort through your financial affairs, it’s possible to avoid the costs and heartache of an ugly breakup (Hertz & Doskow 318). In such cases, it’s easy to see why the partner who is left stuck with an Ex’s possessions would want to get rid of…

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  • Activity 15.1 Essay

    PORTFOLIO #3 Activity 15.1: Comma Category 1 with Single Words 1. Surely, no one would be that foolish. 2. Next, Graham decided to read a magazine. 3. Yes, we are coming to the Christmas party. 4. Finally, Jamie showed up. 5. Limping, Caity slowly crossed the room to the kitchen table. 6. Unconcerned, Jay left the mess for later. 7. Create three of your own sentences: a. Yes, he is sleeping over today. b. However, Jackie still helped the old lady. c. Screaming, Hailey woke up from her…

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  • MGM Studios, Inc. V. Grokster Case Study

    is broken, simply because the creators of the intellectual property do not seem to be as protected as the people who are potentially infringing, or that companies like YouTube can have others work on their site, simply by claiming it isn’t their fault. This is not true. In fact, the DMCA often protects copyright holders work. MGM Studios, Inc. v. Grokster is a perfect example of this. In 2005, a small conglomeration of intellectual property holders sued file sharing site Grokster after they…

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  • Groupon Business Analysis

    internationally is risky. Licensing is uncertain because intellectual property protection may not be available in every country, and domain name regulations may not protect the company’s trademarks and other proprietary rights (Groupon). Consequently, the company may not be able to prevent third parties from acquiring and using similar domain names and registering its trademarks. Thus, third parties that license the company’s intellectual property rights may diminish the value of the company’s…

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