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  • Davis Conservation Foundations Case Study

    What were your original goals and objectives for this project and to what extent were they achieved? The goal of the project was to hire an intern for the summer of 2016, a student with an environmental focus, to assist with monitoring conservation lands owned by the Town of Hampton. The Town has approximately 150 parcels that are either owned outright by the Town or have Town owned conservation easements. The Hampton Conservation Commission (HCC) is responsible for monitoring these properties…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life After Vietnam

    I named my journey to the USA as Rose Harbor because my mother’s name was Rose, and the promised land of America that she offered me was a harbor. Since her death, one day at a time, I have taken her words to heart. I remember a walk with my mother that taught me the most important lesson about having resilience in one’s life. Even the little wood…

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  • Holy Ground

    Have You Ever Stood On Holy Ground? This past Sunday our pastor preached a sermon and mentioned this thought toward the beginning. Since then I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Both Joshua and Moses encountered God in awesome ways. When they did they were told to remove their sandals because the ground they were standing on was “holy ground”. But what made that ground holy? Was it holy before this encounter? Or did it become holy only because of this encounter? Is the ground still…

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  • Charles Marsh Forfeiture Case Study

    court judge, the forfeiture clause in the contract should not be enforced, and instead the contract should be treated like a mortgage, since a fair amount of the sale price has been paid off. The plaintiffs, Boris and Natasha, may believe that the land sale contract is clear and reasonable, considering the fact that Charles Marsh had signed and agreed upon the contract terms. The contract directly states the consequences of default in payments including the rights of forfeiting, while Charles…

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  • The Crusades Causes

    from the Muslims, but there were other reasons why European knights and other people wanted to fight. The causes of the crusades were that Pope Urban II called for a holy crusade after the Byzantine Empire’s emperor asked him for help in regaining land for the Christians who lost the battle of Manzikert against the turks who were Muslims and the Byzantine Empire. The outcomes of the Crusades were that the Muslims entered the city of Jerusalem and took control. The outcomes of the crusades…

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  • The Importance Of Land Change

    Land, according to Rossiter (1996), is defined as the area of the earth’s surface characterised by atmosphere, soil, underlying geology, hydrology and the biotic components such as plants and animals. These attributes bring into play a significant influence on the present and future uses of the land by us humans. The turned focus to land for the sourcing out of food, extraction of natural resources and as a source of income for individuals, has been a norm for years. Decisions on land use have…

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  • Causes And Consequences Of Medieval Crusades

    The incoming crusaders had negitive effects on the lands they traversed. The Emperor realized to late he did not want the West 's help, the crusaders could turn on him and greatly outnumbered his army. This is apparent though Alexius ' daughter, she writes “he (Alexius) dreaded their arrival for he knew…

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  • 2016 Federal Election Campaign Analysis

    The Following 15 years, the Federal Council for Aboriginal Advancement played a crucial role for constitutional change, equal wages, access to social service benefits and land rights. The year between 1960 and 1970 were very pivotal for the Indigenous Community. In the year 1962 the Commonwealth Electoral Act was passed which provided all the Indigenous people the right to enrol and vote for the federal elections. During…

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  • The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz: Comparing Book And Film

    the Witch of the North and Glinda, the Witch of the South are two separate characters. In the motion picture, in any case, they were joined in the film, making another example of circularity. We meet Glinda when Dorothy first touches base in Munchkin Land and are returned to by her when she spares Dorothy, Toto, and the Lion in the field of poppies, and toward the finish of the motion picture when Dorothy is at last sent home. In the book, we met the Witch of the North when Dorothy initially…

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  • Aboriginal Land Rights

    Aboriginal land rights is the return of the land which was unfairly taken from them on the original settlement of Australia.Eddie koiki Mabo fought against this and tried to save the meriam islands from the Queensland government who tried to deny them use of their own lands Mabo was strongly against this as his people had been there longer then anyone could remember. He claimed they had lived in permanent communities and had their own political and social organisations in their community. The…

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