Essay about Causes And Consequences Of The Medieval Crusades

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Causes and Consequences of the medieval Crusades The Christian crusades arose from the Byzantine Empire 's struggles, and the misunderstandings between the Turks and Christian travelers. Byzantine used these misunderstandings to Byzantines ' own advantage to strengthen itself, during a critically weak moment for the empire. The crusades that broke out became many holy wars and lasted from 1096-1270. These holy wars caused a lasting impact on the economy and surrounding areas. Princess Anna Komnene accounts the byzantine emperor 's struggles, and how emperor Alexius was able to start a war that prolonged the life of the Byzantine empire. The crusades expanded Europe 's domain for a time, ensuring Christian trade routes and unified the Catholic church against a common enemy. The Crusaders from the west had a tremendous impact on the areas they occupied and attacked. The Crusaders, seen as penniless barbarians, had dramatic effects on the lands they occupied. The Byzantine Empire was quickly failing, attacked on all sides with no army, and in economic turmoil. Turks harassed byzantine from the east, things were bad in the west. Byzantine treasury had insufficient funds for hiring a standing army, and couldn 't spare enough to hire enough foreign mercenaries to defend Byzantines borders. By the time Emperor Alexius took power Byzantine was on it 's last leg, the new emperor fought to revive the byzantine empire. Byzantine, surrounded by opposing forces needed an army the…

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