Benefits Of The Crusades

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The crusades had many things that motivated people to fight in the crusades. People saw an economical, political and religious reward that came with fighting in the crusades. From the crusades wealth and status would be affected because they would be able to trade the things that was taken from the city. Land could be gained and power would increase, people saw this as a political gain coming from the crusades. The Pope also promised many religious benefits from the crusades. He promised that the people’s sins would be forgiven and they would end up in heaven. These are all motives behind people fighting in the crusades. Though the main motive behind the crusades was the religious benefits that came with fighting in the crusades.
The crusades had many factors that made the people want to fight in them. One was the gain they could have in their economic situation.
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One of the main reasons for so many people joining the crusades was because by fighting you would be forgiven of all your sins and go to heaven when you die. Going to heaven was very important to the people in medieval Europe causing this to be a main motivation to join the crusades. Another reason for the crusades was because they were told that the people worshiped the devil. By killing these people they would be following God and doing what he wants to do.
The crusades were a war that’s main motive was religion. Though the crusade had many motives and causes the main reasons were economical, political and religious gains. An economical gain would be wealth and status, a political would be an increase in land and trade, a religious would be to have your sins forgiven and go to heaven. The main reason was religion because of the big impact that religion had on the daily lives, ideas, beliefs and morals of the medieval European people. These gains and benefits motivated people to fight in the

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