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  • Early Childhood: The Three Stages Of Child Development

    For this assignment I chose one child to represent each of the three stages in child development. The first stage is Early Childhood, this stage is between the ages of birth to 6 years old. Kim, is the child I chose to observe, she is 3 years old. The second stage of child development is Middle childhood, children in this stage fall between 6 to 11 years old. I chose Thomas, age 6, to observe for the stage of development. The last stage of development is Adolescence, this stage happens from 11…

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  • Moral Development Theory

    Alternate theories to development are the personal, psychosocial, and moral development theories. By using the knowledge of these theories, the instructor of the private piano lesson may be able to adjust their lesson to the student and help shape the student’s development in each of these three categories. The instructor can have an impact on things such as self-concept, self-esteem, industry, initiative, and moral judgement. Personal Development is the development of personality traits that…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Observation Of An Individual Child

    I chose to observe a young Asian girl who was about five years of age. Her birth date is on June 14, 2011. She was slightly above average height and seemed to be of average weight compared to her classmates. She had long dark brown hair that was pulled back a hot pink headband with a flower on it. She had an identical twin sister that wore the same hot pink dress with white and pink leggings and sparkly pink shoes. The only difference between the two physically was that my child wore leggings…

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  • Functionalist Theory In Road End

    Society has made constant attempts to rationalize and explain child and human development through observations and research done over extended periods of time. Over the course of life, sociologists, psychologists, and anthropologists have deduced several theories, which clearly articulate and respond to the questions about human civilization that individuals have asked, for over centuries and established them as theoretical perspectives. The most referred to theory, functionalism, analyzes the…

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  • Erikson's Theory Of Young Adulthood

    There are a variety of theories that categorize the development that takes place in young adulthood. Erikson’s theory describes intimacy as the primary goal in young adulthood. Erikson’s theory also states that the primary goal of middle adulthood is generativity, or the creating, producing, and contributing to the human community. The chapter primarily focusses on Freud’s characterization of happiness in adulthood. Freud explains that, in order to have a happy and well-adjusted adult life,…

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  • Reflection On Issues Of Middle Childhood

    Reflection 2: Critical Evaluation on Issues of Middle Childhood With much of the physical development of a child occurring in early childhood, middle childhood entails more cognitive and socio-emotional development. At this stage, children are entering school and beginning the formal process of learning. This means that they are now able to think, process, and store information in more complex and organized ways (Kuther, 2017). With this, there are controversial issues pertaining the correct…

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  • Jimmy Raigal: A Short Story

    On a hot summer day in a small town called Yellowseed. 16-year-old Jimmy raigal.In a house on 56th street lived a 16 year old boy. His name was Jimmy raigal and who lived his ten year old brother and His Mom and Dad. They lived in that small house of 13 years. It was June 14, 2035. It was the first year college for Jimmy; he was terrified of bullies every time he saw one he closed his eyes and walked away slowly. His palms were always sweaty, and he started to look down when in the presence of…

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  • Jean Piaget The Sensorimotor Period Analysis

    Also, teachers provide guidance for life. Children develop life skills to benefit socially, economically, and physically in the real world. With this being said, the theorist whose material best matches our school systems, in my opinion, would by Jean Piaget. One sentence could be used to create a vague picture of Piaget’s overall theory, “We should…

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  • Case Study: Why Did Piaget Call Cognition In Middle Childhood

    1. Why did Piaget call cognition in middle childhood concrete operational thought? Piaget called cognition in middle childhood concrete operational thought, for the ability children have to perform logical operations regarding their life experiences and perceptions. They aren’t limited by egocentrism anymore, but apply critical thinking. (pg.351) 3. How is transitive inference the result of logic, not experience? Transitive inference is the ability to figure out implications, the unspoken link…

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  • Childhood Observation

    Emotional: An eight-year-old is more emotional develop than when he was younger. He might have the tendency to demonstrate more complex emotions and interactions. I observed the way in which Roberto would work through a problem without the assistance of his parents or grandparents. For example, serving his own food, drinks, and opening or closing their garage door. Eight years old may also quick change their emotions and as I was observing him I noticed one specific event. One very early morning…

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