Children's Child Development

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Children’s Development
Name, identify and describe 6 important aspects of child’s development.
From the moment children are born, they are developing. Although child development “is a continuous and at times predictable process” (Lamont, 2015), there are many aspects that impact a child’s development. Brain development is a major part of child’s development that continues to develop well after the child is born. Social and emotional development allows a child to discover who they are. Language development is a vital part of a child’s development that allows them to be able to comprehend words, talk and read. Prenatal development occurs when the child is growing inside the mother and developing. After the child is born, it is continuing to
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“The first two years of life see the most rapid period growth” (Lamont, 2015). During the first two years of an infant’s life, they are developing at a fast rate and many developmental milestones are reached. Gessel’s theory believed that “children are expected to exhibit certain behaviours according to a maturational timetable” (Farr, 2014.) Children should be able to show behaviours according to the timetable, and if the children had issues showing these behaviours “it is believed that the problem lies within the individual child” (Farr, 2014). Gessel’s theory based itself on that physical development is determined by nature, rather than nurture. Nature plays a part in the physical development of a child, such as the height of the child which comes down to genetics however it is important to remember that nurture can rather determine the personality of the …show more content…
All of the aspects play an important role in ensuring the child develops and becomes the best they can be. Child development may be known to be “a continuous and at times predictable process” (Lamont, 2015) however factors such as genetics can impact a child’s development in particular their physical development. Theories that have been proposed that look at a child’s development can help us to understand the several aspects of child development. Most if not all development is an ongoing process until the child is an adult, from the moment children are born their brain is continuing to develop and they are developing physically at a fast rate. All of the aspects in child development and the theories behind them can help us to have a better understanding of how children

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