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  • Japan Airlines Flight 123 Crash

    Here is a circumstance where a more accurate preflight check could have prevented a crash. It was a single mechanical error that caused the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123. This mechanical error occurred when a bulkhead in the tail section of the Boeing made airplane was not repaired correctly. A row of rivets were not up to par after they were repaired. The maintenance workers didn’t follow the correct procedures in replacing the dysfunctional bulkhead. The rivets and plates used in the repair came apart mid-flight. With a proper pre-flight check, they would have seen and repaired the incorrect plates. This caused a catastrophic crash killing 520 people. This crash made the safety standards for most airlines heighten greatly. The standards…

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  • Flagship Airways Case Study

    Preparation for the negotiation with Flagship Airways 1. Foundation -Mandate  Eureka : P. Stiles, General Manager of Commercial engine operations  Flagship : S. Gordon, VP of Finance Both Stiles and Gordon have full authority from respective companies to reach an agreement. 2. Factors -Actors  Eureka : P. Stiles, General Manager of Commercial engine operations L. Atehison, VP of Product Development A. Delling, VP of Finance  Flagship : S. Gordon, VP of Finance …

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  • SWOT Analysis: Situation Analysis For Air Asia

    affecting their airlines business. The firm have to identify its internal strengths (S) and weaknesses (W) and also examine external opportunities (O) and threats (T). STRENGTHS The first of SWOT analysis for Air Asia airlines is the internal strengths analysis. There are some strengths…

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  • Doraemon, By Cartoonist Hiroshi Fujimoto's Mystra

    Fujio wrote them for 10 years, were released out in 7-8 months in Thailand. Beyond that, Doraemon was published on Thai Rhat, the biggest newspaper at that time, on July 29, 1982. This was the first time that Japanese manga appeared on Thai newspaper. Doraemon was a huge phenomenon. Azona, a Thai record label, conducted a singing competition with 6 different versions of Doraemon song in Thai. Doraemon is still popular among Thai people today, even though it is not that much as in the past. Most…

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  • Low Cost Carrier Case Study

    It could result in the markets unstable and hard to grow up. There has been worried about the LCCs entrance of air market as the result of tradition airline companies have been improved their service or efficiency to be capable of offer more budgeting airfares. Also, LCCs comforted a situation that they could not rely on short-haul routes rather than started to fly for long-haul for competitive to the FSC companies. It could be predicted that LCCs would open more flights for long-haul routes…

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  • Kingfisher Airlines Case Study

    inverse relationship between fuel prices and airline stock prices has been demonstrated. Moreover, the rising fuel prices have led to increase in the air fares. 4. Declining yields: LCCs and other entrants together now command a market share of around 46%. Legacy carriers are being forced to match LCC fares, during a time of escalating costs. Increasing growth prospects have attracted & are likely to attract more players, which will lead to more competition. All this has resulted in…

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  • China Airlines Case Analysis Essay

    Analysis on China Airlines When China Airlines was founded in 16th December 1959, it had TWD 400,000 registered capital, 26 aircraft fleets, and two PBY aircrafts supported by the Republic of China government. Before having its own routes developed, China Airlines concentrated on operating charter flights more as a military service, including cargo supplies, and it inaugurated the first domestic flight flying from Taipei to Hualien in 1966. Following the introduction of Caravelle and Boeing…

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  • Why Do You Wish To Participate In A Science & Engineering Research Experience In The US

    I can keep track and be involved in the evolution of this field. After I finish my study in the graduate school, I hope to continue my study in the university, or get a job in the research and development sector in a company. Next, I will explain the reason why I am thinking to get PhD degree in America. Although not many Japanese people apply for the graduate school in the US, I think there is a huge merit of it. Firstly, there will be many chances to have connection with researchers around the…

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  • Differences Between American And Japanese Culture

    two cultures are as different as any two cultures can be. In this section three key differences will be discussed between American and Japanese culture. The author will also discuss barriers of sharing the gospel in the Japanese culture. First, Japan is a collectivist nation (Rogers and Steinfatt, 87). This means that Japanese citizens are group minded. When a decision in is made in Japanese culture there is a great deal of time spent on considering what is best for the group as a whole. This…

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  • Summary Of Andrew Solomon's 'An Elephant Crackup'

    Redefining “Normal” We are not as unique as we think we think we are. Instead we are a copy consisting of pieces of all that is around us. Anything we believe that we are is only a reflection of those who have influenced us. This is because we, humans, are wired to share ideas and seek for similarities with with the people that surround us, which then ends up producing a single idea of what normal is. Charles Siebert discusses the change of accepted normal human behavior towards elephants in his…

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