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  • Self Directed Learning Analysis

    In Josef Mendoza's A Thematic Analysis of Self-Directed Learning, Mendoza, a Doctor of Education, discusses the creature's self-directed learning and its relation to modern education. Mendoza discusses the positive and negative implications that result from the creature's (abbreviated by F$) self-directed learning. Mendoza agrees with Malcom Knowles's premise that "the instructor's role as a learning 'facilitator'" is necessary for optimal learning (qtd. in Mendoza 37). Mendoza emphasizes…

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  • Educating Esmé Theme

    As Jean Piaget once said, “[t]he goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge, but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create men who are capable of doing new things”. Children have such a wealth of ideas inside of them, and the goal of every teacher, including myself, should be to inspire their students to share them with not only the class, but the world. In the novel Educating Esmé by Esmé Raji Codell, Esmé inspired her students to become…

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  • Old Sister Swot Analysis

    My Strengths and their Origin As a little girl, I didn’t quite realized that the friends I choose or the school that I attended were going have such a big impacts to my identity. I had no idea that the religion my parents practiced or the teachers that happened to be chosen for me where going to develop and shape who I am now. I was more concerned with the little things in life, like the spelling quiz or the next episode of SpongeBob. As grew little by little, all this variables in my…

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  • Inclusive Classroom

    Government and court decision, such as Brown v. Board of education (1954) or The Disabilities Education act, have sought to give every person no matter who they are, the ability to receive a quality education. Any school, thus, that receives public money has to give each student the same level of education. This is regardless of what race or race they are, or what socioeconomic class they fall into, or even whether or not they have any disabilities. Education is not a privilege in this sense,…

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  • Long Beach Unified School: A Case Study

    Mrs. Ballardo is a Kindergarten teacher, she works for the Long Beach Unified School District at Bobbie Smith Elementary and she has been teaching for over 25 years! 1. Why did you decide to become a teacher? Mrs. Ballardo said that she decided to become a teacher her senior year in college. She said that she never wanted to become a teacher, mainly because of the pay. She said that everyone was telling her that teacher’s work too hard and too much to get paid as low as they do and that it is…

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  • Assessor Role

    “Obviously teachers wear many hats…” - Holtrop (1997). As an experienced teacher, you are already prepared to be flexible and being a new teacher, you must remember that your description will change on a daily basis. All roles of a teacher are similar to that of a guide. Guides lead you down new paths; they walk beside you on the journey never in front of you. Which of the roles you read about, do you think are important? 1. The Assessor -The role of the assessor is to know that assessment is…

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  • Summary Of Delbanco's Views On Education

    Furthermore, Delbanco’s views on education agrees with other educational writers, such as Jean Anyon’s, stances. Anyon was professor of educational policy in the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and wrote about the five elementary schools she observed. Anyon argues that education is not equalized, but is differentiated by social class, as she wrote, “The ‘hidden curriculum’ of schoolwork is tacit preparation for relating to the process of production in a particular way...In the…

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  • Behavior And Course Outcomes Of Online Learning

    neglecting my responsibilities at home. The utilization of discussion boards provides me with the opportunity to connect with other online students which will offer the opportunity to develop relationships that could possibly be lacking in online education. The convenience of working at my own pace and in my own environment has allowed me to successfully complete work within deadlines. Additionally the article suggested that as a way to meet potential learners’ needs, online course designers…

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  • Education In America Essay

    Education has been an important aspect of American politics since its inception. The debate on education continues to be a hot issue with all the economic, social, and political issues attached. As many believe, education allows an individual to become a better citizen and become more caring for other individuals. Many groups fight for their version of what they believe to be important. Education has continued to develop to allow for greater diversity. With this greater variety in education,…

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  • Education Reform Research Paper

    Since most of the world is ankle deep in the idea of educational reform, I’d like to offer up my own plan for reforming the United States educational system. Although I hold no real certification in knowledge of the federal department of education or the national governor association, I do have an open mind to propose a simple solution to the United States educational problem. With that in mind, many Americans would fancy the United States as being one of the top ranking educational system in…

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