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  • Role Of A Family Nurse Practitioner Vs. Nurse Administrator

    other disciplines through an indirect patient care profession that impacts and improves the patient’s overall care experience. Regardless of the route, the goals in healthcare are the same, to provide safety and the highest level of patient-centered quality care (American Organization of Nurse Executives [AONE], 2015, p. 3). Direct and indirect care roles are both beneficial and provide services to patients but do so in differing manners. Two roles that are essential in discussing and…

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  • Prerogative In America

    hereditary rank”. The author of Two Treatises of Government [Book II], John Locke, uses the power of prerogative, as a right the executive branch has to change and/or make laws to benefit the country. Prerogative is used in America today (but not always noticed), and for the most part has the same meaning today as in the past. But it does get controversial if the executive branch is using prerogative to help and benefit the United States. The power, prerogative has its pros like laws that…

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  • Essay On Nurse Competency

    (APN) is a direct/indirect care individual who cares for patients and manages individuals and the community, nursing and health care organizations, administration, and the growth and application of health policy by using various forms of nursing interventions to change the outcome of health care (AACN, 2006). APN has a patient-focused range of competencies that improve health outcomes for patients and populations in specialized clinical areas within the larger profession of nursing. Critical to…

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  • Safe Staffing In Nursing Essay

    what a labor organization represents. The American Nurses Association works to ensure safe working environments for nurses on a national and state level. Labor laws protect nurses through collective bargaining by encouraging hospital management and executives to follow guidelines on patient-to-nurse ratios for safer practice (Budd et al., 2004). The legislation for safe staffing is needed to strengthen the power of labor laws in all states nationally to ensure safe patient-to-nurse ratios occur…

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  • Nursing Leadership Strategies

    acknowledge the skills of shared decision making, utilize problem solving skills and evaluates the work situation and find strategies to improve the care. These qualities are very important and crucial for nurse leaders to ensure patient safety by involving other health care professionals, using thoughtful strategies to solve problem and adopting reflective…

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  • Performance Improvement Leader Analysis

    Livonia), five Outpatient Health Centers, eight Urgent Cares, and over 25 Specialty Centers. Moreover, the system is part of Trinity Health, one of the largest multi-institutional religious health care delivery systems. The system is operating in 22 states, affiliates 93 hospitals and 128 continuing care facilities, including home health, hospice,…

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  • Summary: Safe Work Environment

    are over 1,900 mental health professionals that work at ASH and living in the community around TCCH. ASH provides care to violent individuals who were not able to stand trial due to their mental illness. Employees at ASH often suffer severe injuries due the erratic behavior of the patients. The population being served by the CSU is likely to display violent behaviors. Specialized environmental controls and staff training will be utilized to assure patient and staff safety…

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  • Independent Regulatory Agency Essay

    enforce regulations free of political influence. These agencies are created by an act of Congress that are independent of the executive department ( Independent regulatory agencies supervise these rules and regulations to help benefit the majority of the public population. Independent regulatory agencies have proven to be beneficial, especially to the executive branch, because these agencies are able to comprehend the complexity of these specific regulatory tasks and…

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  • Depressed Patient Case Summary

    verbally expressed he would like to end his life by shooting himself with a loaded handgun. Although in his current condition, his medical doctor is aware of his full-blown depression, which his treated with anti- depressant medications. However, his health is declining even further after determined that R.L suffered a heart attack and needed dialysis three times a week. The patient expressed his refusal for dialysis and again directs his attention to the fact he would like to die. R. L still…

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  • 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital

    At 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital we pride ourselves with diversity of leaders in our governing body. In order to unify our hospital we have unique committee’s that comprise of various skill sets throughout the hospital. Instead of limiting our committees to educated health administrators and physicians, we look to train and educate nurses and other professionals throughout the hospital to gain better perspectives and innovative ideas for our hospital. We also utilize the latest…

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