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  • Biggest Barriers To Business Analytic Adoption: Business Analysis

    In today’s world the health care profession is changing; therefore, technology is changing with this many Healthcare organizations have to change along with this. There’s a lot of challenge and pressure to reduce costs, improve coordination and outcomes. Meanwhile, building analytics competency will help these organizations set for the future of improvement and reduce time. A few concerns that need to be taken into effect are healthcare providers like: primary care physicians and nursing…

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  • External Audit Analysis

    industry is regulated in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), however in the past the FDA has had limited power to regulate cosmetics. “Concerned about generation old regulations that have left it with little power to ensure the safety of thousands of consumer products from shampoos to shaving cream, the Food and Drug Administration launched talks with the cosmetic industry more than a year ago.” (Dennis, 2014) this goes to show how the regulatory environment could be…

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  • Newmont Mining Company Case Study

    Background of Newmont Mining Corporation Newmont Mining Corporation was founded in 1916 by Colonel William Boyce Thompson. They are one of the world’s largest gold producers and become a listed company in New York Stock Exchange (NYSC) since 1940. Their business locates in US, Australia, Indonesia, Ghana, Canada, Peru, New Zealand and Mexico. Newmont Mining Corporation has approximately 35,000 employees and contractors worldwide. They are the only gold mining company included in S&P 500 Index…

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  • Crime Act 1984

    Since the enactment of the Victims of Crime Act in 1984, state legislators, state executive branch officials, and local officials have worked closely with victims of crime and advocated to forge public policy agendas dedicated to victims’ rights and public protection. In October of 2016, President Obama signed into law the Sexual Assault…

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  • Nurse-Practitioner Role Model

    States citizen to be 75.37 years of age, it is still quite unfortunate that American Health Ranking (AHR) in 2013 showed U.S to be low among other developing nations (Kippenbrock, Lo, Odell, & Buron, 2015). AHR was evaluated based on lifestyle, access to health care, occupational safety and disability, disease, and mortality rates (Kippenbrock, Lo, Odell, & Buron, 2015). If citizens do not have a quick access to health practitioners (MD/NP), it can cause a decrease in mortality and even lower…

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  • The Importance Of Exotic Pets

    depicts an example of a man from Ohio, who let out 50 wild animals, causing a dangerous situation for citizens living in Muskingum County. The animals were running in the streets and walking into random neighbors backyards which was a hazard to the safety of the city. Citizens need to realize exotic animal 's natural instincts are dangerous, especially since animals are meant to roam free and not be trapped in a cage. If wild animals escape or are released from their cages, then there is a…

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  • BP Sustainability Report

    impacts include climate change, human rights, air quality, biodiversity, water and engagement with communities. Similarly, the social aspects include corruption, bribery, local employment, security and human rights, resettlement and community health and safety. BP manages impacts though compliance with internal practices and external standards such as ISO 14000 environmental management standard (BP 2017b). BP aims to reduce water contamination and consumption, chemicals usage and emissions of…

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  • Case Study 1.2: Health Care Decision Making

    Case Study 1.2: Health Care Decision Making Question # 1. Beneficence and Nonmaleficence Codes of ethics have been an age-old component in the professional regulation of the conduct of healthcare providers, and specify an obligation to act with integrity in extreme circumstances. ' When patients seek medical care they are not entering an ordinary social relationship; they often feel vulnerable but need to expose and share intimate and important aspects of their lives. Ethical codes of conduct…

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  • Leadership Role Of Achieving Diversity In The Workplace

    has caught the white house notices with the president who issued an Executive order 13583 to establish a coordinated government effect to promote diversity and inclusion…

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  • Hrm 531 Week 3 Business Principles Paper

    The reality of the health care industry is that it works and operates as a business. With a strategic marketing strategy coupled with high patient care satisfaction, these businesses will prosper if certain internal are met. Operating a large entity such as a health care organization also demands innovative and up to date care, recruiting and retaining high quality staff and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who has a vision for success. In the following discussion, three business principles will…

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