Upgrade Your Apparel

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Upgrade your pants.
Stop wearing drop-crotch pants, sloppy denim, sweatpants or any form of pajama pants. Outside of the house, these pants should not be worn by a man. Wear either well-fitting joggers or a pair of jeans. The last thing you want to do is miss an opportunity in either in business or a potential date because you were lazy with your outfit selection for the day.
Improving your casual wardrobe.
Leveling up your casual game starts with improving your accessories. Start with wearing a clean, stylish watch. Wearing a collared shirt with a clean watch takes your style to the next level and makes you stand out with the subtle details.
What a Watch communicates
• Punctuality, a man wearing a watch knows the importance of timeliness
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They are out of style and communicate that you don’t the attention to details. Avoid wearing backward hats, snapback hats or fitted caps.
Replace hoodies.
Instead of wearing hoodies or pull over sweatshirts wear fitting with form-fitting sweaters or Henleys. Hoodies look young and childish and being a grown man, we want to use the better options available to us.
Chapter 13 Caring for your Apparel
How to care for your clothing.
1. Know how to care your clothing. The easiest way to know how to care for your clothes is to read the labels. Following directions on your clothes prevents aging of your clothing prematurely.
2. Stains. The best remedy is prevention, don’t get stains on your clothes, but with life, this can be kind of problematic and is not realistic. The best option if you get stains on your clothing is pre-treat stains with water.
3. Dry clothing that is delicate by laying it flat.
4. Wash all clothing in delicate settings, with warm/ cold settings and opt for shorter washing cycles on your washing machine.
Dry-cleaning best option for suits and formal wear, the easiest way to get a suit to new.
Only dry clean your suit only when it is dirty dry-cleaning suits all the time strips wool of a suit of its natural oils.
How to keep clothing lasting
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Knit cotton T-shirts, underwear can be dried over high heat.
Hot water for light colors, and bright colors in cold.
Acceptable for permanent press articles and same option as perm press. Great setting for dress shirts and slacks
Washing clothing on cold helps keep dyes in fabrics, ideal for bright colors and delicate fabrics.
Washing Colors
Whites can be washed with light colors and patterned whites. Wash like colors with like colors.
Do not leave clothes in the waster sitting, this is how mold & mildew form on clothing.
Do not leave clothes in the dryer, this allows wrinkles and creases to set in clothing.
Storage of clothing
To prevent smell when storing clothes and shirts, keep your clothes clean and allow for at least ½ an inch in between garments. This allows fabrics to dry and breathe.
Wardrobe organization and layout is about giving clothes room to breathe and aerate.
Avoid storing clothing in direct sunlight. When clothing is exposed to sunlight it ages prematurely and can lead to bleeding of color.

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