Technical Analysis: Drop And Go Laundry Services

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A laundry shop offers services that will aid in cleaning any type of garments that their customers want to be laundered. Some laundry services offer free delivery that will be of big convenience for their customers. Laundry shops may vary in terms of services; some offer self-service that will let customers do the washing while other shops will perform the laundry services including ironing and folding. Prices may differ according to the volume of laundry or according to the type of laundry to be washed.
Drop and Go Laundry Services proposes to clean types of laundry including shirts, pants, dresses, undergarments and other household fabrics like curtains and bed linens. It is also intended to offer laundry services at affordable
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Collecting This process involves the collection of laundry from the customer. Drop and Go Laundry Services offers a free pick-up therefore clients who would want to have laundry services may call and schedule a collection of their laundry. Customers will be requested to tell their complete name, address, type of laundry service that they will avail and when they would want their laundry to be picked up. Bags where laundry will be placed must be provided by the customers. Clothes will be collected by the delivery man based on the scheduled date. In time of receiving the laundry, he has to ensure its number of pieces and checks if there are damaged clothing. He will then bring the laundry to the laundry shop. Clothes that will be brought to the laundry shop will be sorted by the laundry man according to its type. After sorting, weighing will be done by the cashier in order to issue the customer’s invoice. Invoice will be prepared in duplicate: original will be kept by the management for documentation and the copy will be for customer as a proof of their purchase. Invoices should contain the following information:
• Date of Receipt
• Customer’s Complete Name and Address
• Customer’s Contact
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This process involves removing of dirt from the garments. However before putting garments in the washing machine, the laundry man in charge has to weigh the laundry in order to ensure that washers will not be overloaded. The time necessary for garment washing is approximately 1 hour for every maximum load of laundry.
Drop and Go Laundry Services will use soap and detergent to clean the items using washing machine. For every maximum load of washing machine – 9 kilos, 9 scoops or 450 gms will be put as well as 96 liters of water.
After the washing cycle for about 45 minutes, the process of rinsing will be done next which requires 96 liters of water. This will be made twice in order to ensure that soaps and detergents are absolutely removed from the laundry. Afterwards, fasbric softener will be used to put fragrance on the customer’s laundry after the washing process. Moreover, 139 mL of fabric softener will be needed in every maximum load of laundry.

D. Drying
After the washing process is finished, washed laundry will go through the drying process. This involves extracting the water from the garments with the use of dryer. Extracting should be observed carefully for the reason that erroneous drying process may result to damaged

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