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  • Alcoholics Anonymous Group Analysis

    I observed an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) group in Paterson, NJ, which is a self-help group that helps alcoholics in the recovery and treatment phase. It’s an open group for anyone who wants to change their drinking habits. They have the meeting every Friday at 7:30 pm. There’s no specific qualifications to attend this group. No age limit, specific race, or education is required to become a member. The program is free for any individual who wants to stop their alcohol assumptions. The group’s main…

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  • Case Analysis Of Hain Celestial Group Case

    The Hain Celestial Group, a producer of organic and natural sustenances and refreshments, has been riding high in the market. In any case, on August 15, it came colliding with earth when it revealed a bookkeeping issue, postponed its entire year money related report and said it presumably wouldn 't meet its profit direction for 2016. Investors have invested shares in the organization, situated in Long Island, wiping out $1.5 billion in market capitalization.The issue, Hain said, was that it may…

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  • Effectiveness Of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Portfolio Analysis For Developing An Adaptive Strategy

    E. Effectiveness of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Portfolio Analysis in Developing an Adaptive Strategy The BCG analysis would provide an effective portfolio for developing an adaptive strategy for a healthcare organization because it is useful in pinpointing the four categories of services the healthcare organization delivers as…

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  • Group Analysis: The Group As A System

    III. The Group as a System Systems Theory showed how each individual contributed and formed relationships within the group. We were a bunch of interconnected parts working together to form a whole. We each came from different backgrounds, different life experiences and personalities and this theory looks at how we all came together to be “Team Delta”. There are a few elements of a system that I will be hitting on as they pertain to our group, specifically: openness to environment, output…

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  • Confidentiality In A Group: Group Analysis

    There is no absolute certainty that a group leader can ensure confidentiality within a group. Group leaders cannot control what others do outside the group. In fact group leaders cannot control what a person will say in a session. This is one reason that it is critical that a group leader has the proper training (Corey, Corey & Corey, 2014). As Corey, Corey & Corey (2014) explain that new therapists are at times put into situations to conduct group meetings they aren’t experienced in or…

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  • Social Groups And Social Group Analysis

    people’s behavior and their nature sociologist looks at different social groups to understand how social groups shapes people’s lives. Everyone belongs to different kinds of groups. These groups’ controls people 's daily life and control their behavior. Social group also influences people’s decision, such as people will do things which is correct in societal view. When people think of groups they think of a bunch of…

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  • Communication In Group Analysis

    complications when trying to obtain our goal. Working in groups is something that I am familiar with, whether it is an academic group or an athletic team. According to the book Communicating in Groups Applications and Skills, the authors Katherine Adams and Gloria Galanes states that, “A group is three or more individuals who have a common purpose, interact with each other, influence each other and are interdependent” (Adams & Galanes, 2006). Almost all the groups I have participated in have…

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  • Terrorist Group Analysis

    The organizational structure of a terrorist group determines its strengths and weaknesses and there are two categories of organization; hierarchical and networked. Groups associated with a political activity require a more hierarchical structure in order to coordinate terrorist violence with political action. Terrorist groups using the networked structure, are organized in cells so that the loss of a cell would not compromise the identity, location or actions of other cells or the organization.…

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  • TA Group Analysis

    program, I have been exposed to life-changing cultures. A perfect example of this is my TA group. It is clear that whoever decided what kids went in what group did an excellent job in mixing different personalities. Although challenging at first, I am sure that all other groups, much like mine, have blended their cultures together and are more open-minded and globally aware as a result. When first seeing my group, I immediately separated my acquaintances in two different categories: those who…

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  • LGBTQIA + Group Analysis

    of thousands of years known to man tends to erase the stories of those not in control of their freedom. Whether it be the stories of slaves in the Americas, the ruthlessness of colonialism, there is always a group whose voice is not heard. In today’s society that group is the LGBTQIA+ group, specifically the T, or transgender for the purposes of this paper. Transgender or third gender communities have been a part of history in a variety of countries and cultures for thousands of years. From the…

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