Great Pyramid of Giza

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  • Alexander The Great Head

    Made in 320 BC, Head of Alexander-- also called Portrait of Alexander-- is a life-size rendition of Alexander the Great’s head made completely of Parian Marble. Alexander the Great was the first of many Greek rulers to exploit sculptural portraiture as means of immortalization and it was well executed here. The artist is unknown, but if it follows legend in any way, then it was created by Lysippos, who was noted in ancient literature…

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  • Tutankhamun Discovery

    In the late evening of November 26, 1922, British archaeologist Howard Carter and his wealthy financial backer, George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert, Lord Carnarvon, after the hard work of many years discovered a small hole in one of the bedrocks of Valley of Kings. Later that hole opened the way into one of the greatest discoveries in the world. November 22, 1922, was the day when the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered. Tutankhamun was a mysterious 12th Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty,…

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  • Fayum Portraits Analysis

    Introduction: In 1888, William Flinders Petrie excavated different parts of the sprawling oasis area of Fayum in Alexandria -Egypt- (SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE, 2012). Petrie directed his attention to excavations done in the Pyramid of Amenemhet III (Tour Egypt, n.d.). In the pyramid, hundreds of mummies were found with fascinating portraits of the mummified bodies (SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE, 2012). The funeral portraits are know as the Fayum portraits and were later found all around Egypt (SMITHSONIAN…

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  • Seikan Tunnel Research Paper

    lasts for over half an hour. Nevertheless, surfing through this world’s longest wave is risky, frightening and dangerous. The Tupi-Guarani Indians themselves have once expressed their fear by calling it “poroc poroc”, or in English translates as “great destructive noise”. It is recorded that this wave is powerful enough to tear off the entire trees from the river bank, local houses and even it can destroy living things on earth. The wave can be heard 30…

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  • What Is The Omen In The Alchemist

    1. Omens are the signals that will guide Santiago during his travel to the pyramids in Egypt. The first omen are the two stones that king Melchizedek gives Santiago the stones will help him make a decision when he gets confused. Santiago was a good omen to the crystal merchant with his idea of serving tea in the crystal glass help him make lots of money. Going to the desert was also an omen because it allows Santiago the opportunity to meet Fatima the love of his life. The hawk killing each…

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  • Analysis Of Macbeth's Graduation Speech

    it’s a fact. And when MacBeth says he’s a friend, he doesn’t actually mean it. Nothing is as it seems. Words have power. Debate involves the manipulation of words. The better one is at using rhetoric, the more he will excel in debate. An extremely great lesson I have learned in debate is the importance of how things are presented oratorically. The power of one’s words can not be underestimated. If words didn’t matter than no one would care about Trump’s tweets, but they do. Because words have…

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  • Dorton Arena's Roof Structure

    INTRODUCTION Dorton Arena was completed in 1952 and is the first structure to be primarily supported by cables. This feat of civil engineering was visualized by Matthew Nowicki. The entire structure is unique and efficient, and an important component of Dorton Arena is the stability of the roof. The objective of this paper is to address the engineering components of Dorton Arena’s roof that bring the structure to equilibrium. The rest of this paper will focus on the roof’s design, use of tension…

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  • Egyptian Mummification

    When people hear Egypt, their mind is automatically drawn to the tombs, pyramids, gold, and mummies. No one really thinks about the origins or ways that these most known aspects of Egypt came around. For example, everyone knows of mummification. Priests embalm the body, take out the organs needed for the afterlife, wrap the body in linen, place protective amulets on the body, and then place the body in a tomb with all kinds of goods just to be looted or found later. Nobody considers how these…

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  • Tutankhamun's Funeral Mask

    Hieroglyphics were also written on the walls of the tombs, only to be used in their next life. The hieroglyphics often told stories or gave information that was valuable to the deceased. The mass number of tombs eventually lead to the creation of the Pyramids, which are not only some of the largest man-made structures, but also some of the most…

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  • An Essay On The White Temple Ziggurat

    temple was dedicated to the god Enu. The Sumerians were a theocracy, and they believed that gods ruled over everything and that the rulers were symbols of the deities. The temple was built out of mud brick and built on top of a ziggurat. It was a pyramid like shape that served as a platform for the temple. The main purpose of the ziggurat was to raise the temple up, and thus bring it closer to the gods. The temple had several different…

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